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this next give away is a good one, if i do say so myself. when I LOVE MY TYPE offered to send me a gift to celebrate the arrival of little juliet, i immediately knew i wanted to go for the poster you see in the pictures above. especially when raising a girl, i think it is so important to convince your child there is no such thing as a beauty standard. not easy in today’s society, and i must admit i am having trouble accepting it as a truth myself. but i know how important it is to resist pressure to look and behave a certain way, just because people expect you to.

juliet was born with two hemangioma’s – harmless little growths of blood vessels that result in dark red ‘strawberry marks.’ they will disappear over time, and need not be treated. in fact, treating them with a lazer or by operating on them can result in severe scars, so that is almost never recommended. one of these strawberry marks is on her left arm, and the other one is on top of her head. in time, it will become covered by her hair (and she’s turning into quite the cute little redhead!), but for now, it’s quite strikingly visible. when i first saw it appear, i was in tears. i was afraid it would be the first and the only thing people would notice about her, instead of her gorgeous dark grey eyes or super adorable face. i now realize how shallow i was, if this is what i expected people to behave like. i have since come to terms with it, and the little strawberry marks are now 100% part of my little strawberry blonde. i did invest in quite the collection of pretty little headbands and hats to protect her from prying eyes on social media or in an environment where we don’t feel super comfortable. but i think it’s important not to want to hide it all the time, in order for her not to grow up with a complex about it. ah, the difficulties of raising a girl in this sometimes cruel and superficial world.

you’ll understand why the wonderful phrase BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL speaks to me. i want it to be a daily reminder for her and for myself. and of course, i love how it might also pass on my love for typography to juliet. i’m constantly surrounding her with beautiful letters and design, hoping she’ll grow up to appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship that go into it. i also love that it is pink, because surprisingly enough, i have become obsessed with that color. i do want to show juliet that it can be a beautiful color in non-stereotypical ways, so i’m combining it with loads of dark blue, grey and monochrome prints.

to cut a long story short though, here’s your chance to win your own I LOVE MY TYPE poster. just click on through to their website, pick your favorite and mention it in the comments below. a week from now i’ll pick a random winner and announce them in this post, so be sure to check back!

‘the man that got away’, your name (or at least what i hope to be your nickname) was drawn from the hat! i hope the I LOVE MY TYPE poster will remind your 17-year-old of how beautiful she really is. shoot me an email at hello @ stephanieduval.com with your contacts, and i’ll make sure the poster of your choice is sent to you!

photos by stephanie duval // to shop i love my type in belgium, head over to MAISON DECO SHOP


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