Indian Summer With Ikea

September 27, 2015 • Home Decor

Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland Indian Summer in Switzerland

we’ve been experiencing a wonderful end of summer here in switzerland, with sunny mornings and balmy afternoons. which is always nice of course, but especially if your home has an outside area to enjoy those last beautiful days of the season. when we originally moved to geneva, we were incredibly lucky to find an apartment with a gorgeous balcony, so when we moved last year (almost a year ago – time really does fly!) we were really hoping to find a similar place in our new hometown. we hit the jackpot when we found our current apartment, which has a supernice terrace. it is partly walled off, as if it were more like an outdoor room than a terrace, and i really liked the idea of decorating the place like it was an actual extension of our open plan living room.

after our fun collaboration for JULIET’S NURSERY, i decided to team up with IKEA again for this project. ever since seeing the patio make-over on A HOUSE ON THE HILLS using those gorgeous ikea loungers, i couldn’t get them out of my mind. so obviously, they were first to end up on my shopping list. i love how they add a kind of mid-century vibe, but are still quite minimal pieces that don’t overpower their surroundings.

next was a dining table and chairs, and that is where i messed up a little bit. we decided to order our furniture online and have it delivered to our home, so as not to have to load up our car ourselves – which is a bit difficult with a baby car seat in the back. i originally ordered a huge table of 2 by 1m, because we both love having friends over for dinner and imagined enormous feasts taking place on our terrace. when the furniture was delivered however, i realized i had been a tad optimistic taking our terrace’s measurements. the table took up the entirety of the space, and the chairs could barely fit around it. #epicfail much?

thankfully ikea has a really good return policy – they take back products that are in pristine condition and their original packaging. so we loaded up our car after all, and went to exchange the table and chairs. we looked around for something a bit smaller, and finally noticed our ikea location still had some of the very cool ps 2014 picnic tables and benches in stock. they were the very last pieces, and i scolded myself for not thinking of them earlier. so easy to pack up, easier still to assemble and so pretty – it now is my favorite place for sunny lunches and some quiet alone time with coffee and a magazine. i love the minimal look of the benches instead of chairs, too. if i want to make them a bit cozier, i just put some pillows or a nice throw on them.

to really make the terrace feel like a living area, i spruced up the lounge corner with some greens and an outdoor carpet. simple details perhaps, but they really tied everything together. add to that the SERAX planters from our wedding and the string lights we had put up last year for the holidays (and i had refused to take down), and it really has become such a cozy and warm place to spend quality time with friends and family. we inaugurated the terrace when belgian photographer (and blogosphere friend) KELLY STEENLANDT came over to take some family pictures. obviously we had to celebrate with some veuve clicquot bubbles and a summery lunch of parma ham and melon parts. it was a beautiful weekend i hope to share more about very soon.

greens, carpet, table, benches, lounge chairs and cushions from IKEA // grey tableware by VIPP // cement plant pots on the table by SERAX // morrocan throw bought on ibiza // juliet is wearing an EMOI EMOI romper and HAPPY LEONIE headband // i’m wearing a striped G-STAR top // photos by stephanie duval

Gender Neutral Nursery

March 18, 2015 • Home DecorKids

our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery our little one's gender neutral nursery

while i’m waiting for the last baby essentials to arrive here in switzerland, i’ve been using every free minute i have to arrange and re-arrange our little one’s nursery. it’s fairly gender neutral so far – not only because we’re keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, but also because i wanted to create a clean canvas to start from. i’m not a big fan of color (big surprise, eh?) but i do realize i can’t – and shouldn’t – raise this child in grey, black and white. it’s just that i want to add color little by little, and only the ones that i really like.

we’ve been adding some little details to the room lately, and i thought i’d share some of my favorites. in addition to the lovely IKEA SPRUTT items, we’ve put together the OEUF NYC SPARROW crib and i made the bed with MIKMAX bedding. after deliberating about different lighting options for way too long, i finally bumped into the perfect ceiling lights at IKEA. i love the black-and-white striped textile cords and the paper pendants, especially when put up this nonchalantly.

in the corner where i want to create a little seating area, we’ve put up the superb SHY SERIES BY PLAYTYPE. i love the interplay between the dreamy graphics and the delicate word, and in my opinion it’s the perfect fit for a nursery. we got the black aluminum frames at INTERIO. on top of the SPRUTT CABINET i’ve found a new place for my LUCK BY MONOMINIPRINTS poster, and we’ve put up the small VIPP SHELF to display some knick-knacks.

the nursery sort of feels more like a storage room right now, as we’re keeping all our baby essentials in here, too. just because i know i’d be curious, i snapped some pics of those as well. i’ve always loved this BABYBJÖRN BOUNCER but i especially love it in this perforated version and silver colorway. for the MAXI-COSI CAR SEAT we bought a cover and sleeping bag from FUNDAS BCN, and my husband keeps joking it looks so comfortable he’d like to sleep in it himself. and you’ve already met our gorgeous BUGABOO STROLLER, right? i don’t even mind one bit that we’ll have it around inside of the apartment – it looks amazing in every corner i put it. lastly, i’m also crazy about our ANGELCARE BABY MONITOR – now there’s a sentence i never thought i’d speak. but the angel shape looks so cute, right? and it does give me a sense of calm to know that we’ll be able to monitor baby’s movements thanks to angelcare’s sensors.

for my belgian readers out there, i also wanted to share which places i shopped at for most of these baby essentials. first of all, i was invited to go and discover the refurbished location of ORCHESTRA in zaventem – 5000 square meters of everything you can image you might ever need for the arrival of your little. i’d have to say skip the clothing, but take your time to investigate the rest. they carry each major baby brand under the sun and often have the entire range in stock. check out THIS REPORT about the opening of the shop if you’re curious. they even have a coffee bar in the front, so that’s pretty much a win in my book.

secondly i visited HET LAND VAN OOIT, which is close to where my parents live and thus very convenient, but also one of the most beautiful baby shops in belgium that i know of. they carry the major brands but often also have unexpected smaller labels, like the aforementioned fundas bcn, for example. i found walking around their showroom very inspiring, and all of the ladies there are super helpful and friendly.

for some items, i wanted to stay closer to home, and i looked for a shop in or near to switzerland. i found everything i wished for when i came across KIDS LOVE DESIGN. it’s an online shop with a tiny little showroom about 15 minutes from where i live, and they carry some of my favorite brands for nursery furniture and interior decoration. our oeuf nyc crib and LEANDER CRADLE are both from here, and i’m pretty sure i’ll be returning there soon to add more cute accessories by scandinavian brands like muuto and ferm living. they deliver worldwide, so make sure you check out their recently renewed webshop!

last but not least, i’d love to introduce you to a brand new belgian webshop called STUDIO AIMEE. we’ve decided to register here because i simply love everything owner marissa has selected to sell. it’s a mix of clothes, toys, decoration and necessities, and the focus is on smaller niche brands and unique products. can’t wait to show you what we decided to register for!

photos by stephanie duval


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