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i wish i would have had more time to check out everything going on in kortrijk during the BIENNALE INTERIEUR 2014 these past few weeks. unfortunately i only made it to the actual fair twice, and visited very few of the side projects in the city – though i doubt any of these could have been more special than EYES/NIGHTS ONLY. still, i spotted some cool brands, new products and interesting installations at the fair, which i wanted to share with you right here.

there were only a handful of surprises at the fair for me, but those more than made it worth the trek out to kortrijk. for starters, it was a delight to discover the booth of my beloved belgian design brand SERAX, designed by STUDIO SIMPLE. likewise, i was impressed with the decorations around the food spaces, some of which seemed to be made of metallic fire blankets. don’t you love their golden shiny effect?

more things i loved // the iconfetti booth – a collaboration between boutique REWIND B.L.A.C.K., architecture firm DOORZON, artist KASPER BOSMANS, gallery EMELY, gallery TATJANA PIETERS and natural stone atelier VAN DEN WEGHE // the colorful knick-knacks of LOODS 5 // the japanese design with neon accents of KARIMOKU // the pretty installation and branding of german brand NYTA // the collaboration between tenue de nîmes and PASTOE // the gorgeously minimal bathrooms of dutch company NOT ONLY WHITE // the elegant lighting of belgian label TRIZO

all photos by stephanie duval

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belgian design lovers have been looking forward to the INTERIEUR 2014 show for a long, long time. the biannual event is as close to milan as belgium ever gets, with international brands presenting their new collections at the trade fair and inspiring designers imagining the rest of kortrijk their playground. i went for a quick visit to the fair on sunday, to scout possible additions to our new home. but i returned this week to devote a little more time to one very cool project in particular.

my friends at DIFT sort of made my wildest dreams come true by combining two of my favorite things – hotel life and creative design. they created EYES/NIGHTS ONLY as a temporary showcase platform for various design brands. in a former school building, they each chose a room to decorate as originally and creatively as they could. the play between modern design and the – literally – old school surroundings is magical, to say the least. but the best part? you could actually book a night at the hotel. i’m still slapping myself around the ears for not having booked a little stay, and if you take one more look at the pics above, you’ll probably understand why.

my favorite room is the one decorated by antwerp scandinavian design boutique ESPOO. i was lucky enough to receive those two exact posters in baby blue and pink by PAPER COLLECTIVE, and am still looking for a nice place for them. i was thinking kids’ room, but inspired by the hotel room now i kinda want to hang them over our own bed instead. if you want to go take a look for yourself, the EYES/NIGHTS ONLY hotel is open tot he public every day from noon to 9pm, until october 26.

photos by stephanie duval


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