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December 14, 2015 • BrusselsStyle

over the years i’ve found that traveling is the best source of inspiration. discovering a city is much like triggering different aspects of your personality, and it often offers new perspectives on what you think you know. sometimes it reinforces a feeling that you have – something in your gut that you couldn’t quite put to words yet. traveling to cities all over the world has taught me a lot about the subjects that i’m interested in. entrepreneurialism, food, culture, design… and fashion. i’ve found that certain places can embody and demonstrate a certain style. it’s in the mix of people walking on the streets and the shops lining them. it’s why i feel right at home in certain neighborhoods, and like a fish out of the water in others.

though i’ve had endless conversations with people about brussels and how i just don’t ‘get’ the city, there’s one place in the city where i feel great and like i could actually live there. it’s a little corner in ixelles – though i could make an argument for the entirety of ixelles – around the place brugmann. the streets are lined with trees, stately mansions and beautiful little shops, restaurants and cafés. if i’d have to compare it to another place in the world that i love, it would be to the upper east side in new york.

believe me when i say that it’s taken me a few years to accept that these kinds of neighborhoods are the ones i most identify with. like many other twenty-somethings i wanted to believe that i’d feel more at home in the grittier places, where creativity could run freely and wouldn’t be restricted by rules or convention. in reality though, i love structure, cleanliness and peace and quiet. perhaps life in switzerland has changed me? but more probably it just confronted me with what was already there.

it took me a while to reconcile my hunger for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with my penchant for a certain kind of luxury. for the longest time, it seemed like they couldn’t co-exist, and i was always torn between the two. first moving to switzerland certainly didn’t help – if ever there was a bastion of money without creativity, its name is geneva. it took five years before the third wave coffee trend first set foot in the city, and currently the founder of geneva’s first co-working initiative (which is really more like an office-for-hire service to be honest) is heralded as a visionary. insert all the rolling eyes emojis here please.

discovering that little neighborhood in ixelles, however, proved to me that it is possible. take one look at the people walking down the streets, and you’ll know that most who live around there are well-off. i don’t even want to guess the prices of real estate in the streets surrounding the place brugmann. but for all the money that is gathered in this little neighborhood, a lot of it is spent at small businesses and with inventive, cool entrepreneurs. there’s not a chanel flagship in sight – instead you’ll see small, independently owned boutiques in which the shop owner carefully curates a great selection of goods. true – none of them are cheap, but what they do have in common, is how they favor quality over bling-bling labels.

i’ve introduced you to my favorite clothing boutique KELLY before, and it is a really great example of the neighborhood’s vibe. it’s a place where you’ll find lesser known brands that are timeless and that put quality over everything else. a place where the service is amazing and the shop owner is deeply involved – something you can feel in every little detail. on my last visit there, the lovely ladies in the shop helped me put together two outfits that, at least to me, really represent the style of the neighborhood – timeless, understated, comfortable and classy. i wanted to share these outfits with you because they show rather than tell what this post is all about. you’ll find the credits of the items i’m wearing below, but everything can be found at KELLY.

lastly, i wanted to share some of my favorite places around the neighborhood, so that if you ever go shopping at kelly, you can do as i did and make a day out of it. start with a fresh juice or coffee at ICI, either inside (love that tiled floor!) or on the cozy terrace. head over to the other side of the street to pay a visit to LUCIA ESTEVES – a great place to score beautiful interior decoration. make sure to drop by la forêt by lucia esteves, too – a brand new store concept where you’ll find anything you ever needed (or didn’t know you wanted) to dress up your table. honestly, this place is like heaven! for lunch, either head over to american diner icon LE BALMORAL for burgers, or to GAUDRON for a more refined bite to eat. next to the latter you’ll find an excellent book store, LIBRAIRIE CANDIDE. and if you’re there around happy hour, go to WINERY for a glass of vino.

and now i’m curious – do you identify with this kind of neighborhood, too? or does your style translate to an entirely different kind of vibe? where do you feel most at home?

first outfit – poncho by vince + tee by majestic + pants by notify + shoes by kelly (their own brand) // second outfit – coat by harris wharf london + sweater by stefan green + pants by notify + shoes by anthology // photos by matthias rabaey

Kelly Shop In Brussels

November 15, 2015 • BrusselsStyle

so i have a confession to make. i used to really love shopping for clothes – like, really, really, really love it. i spent days just browsing stores in my favorite cities all over the world. trying things on, comparing qualities, searching for the right fits, shapes, sizes and colors. you know how some people say ‘shopping is my cardio’? yup. used to be me. but then life happened, and gradually i started feeling like i could think of a million things i’d rather be doing than going from shop to boutique to concept store, trying to find what i had in my mind would be perfect.

as i got out of the magazine business, and with it out of the fashion industry, i also stopped caring about trends. i think it also has something to do with how i started reading blogs instead of magazines. suddenly, it was all about personal style, not following the dictates of the catwalk. surprisingly, that made shopping more difficult. i found myself asking tougher questions in the fitting rooms – is this really me? does it make me feel good? does this belong in my life? a lot harder to answer those instead of the one ‘is this in style right now?’ i became much pickier in terms of quality, too. and honestly, shopping for new clothes every season – because i do still love to add some new things to my wardrobe every now and then – became an insurmountable task.

last year i started a project on this blog that i wasn’t able to continue because of my pregnancy. i wanted to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, choosing only items in colors, styles and qualities that would perfectly fit into my life. admittedly, my pregnancy was only one reason why it became difficult to focus on the project. in reality, it was again such. hard. work. it shouldn’t be so difficult to find the right things, if you have such a clear idea in your head of what they should be, right? so this year, i decided i needed help. i thought about a personal shopper for a bit (and i still kinda like that idea – emma, we need to get in touch!) but i also figured it was all about finding the right shop.

if there existed a boutique that carried a selection of your favorite brands, and many more you hadn’t heard from before, that was perfectly catered to your needs, wouldn’t that make life easier? you’d just go there once at the beginning of every season, with a list of things in your head that you might need, and you’d know you could trust the friendly people in the store to help you find the right items, shapes, colors and sizes. i think i’ve found that place for me, and as you might have guessed by now, it’s called KELLY and is located in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in brussels.

when i first walked by the shop a few months ago, i was triggered by the beautiful shopping window. curious, i went on INSTAGRAM to find out more, and discovered a feed that dreams are made of. every single post was a picture of something that i could imagine myself wearing and loving for years on end. a few weeks later i finally had the time to return to the shop on a bright and sunny saturday morning. i asked the friendly ladies in the boutique to help me pick out a couple of outfits that they thought i might like – based on a short conversation about my style and preferences. they immediately went to work putting together outfits that i loved, and when i tried them on they were honest about what suited me and what didn’t, and then helped me find alternatives to the things that didn’t work.

i spent an entire morning in the boutique, basically trying on virtually everything they had in my size, and falling in love with more than a few items. i found some basics that i really, really needed, and a coup de foudre that i just couldn’t leave behind (hello, borsalino!) but the important part is that went home after maybe a three-hour shopping spree, and my wardrobe suddenly felt complete. i could wear the things i had in new and different ways thanks to the new additions that make everything feel fresh and updated. and that is just the. best. feeling.

i want to tell you more about this magical place soon – we took some pictures of the different outfits we put together out in the streets and at my favorite places close to the store. so stay tuned for more! in the meantime, if you recognise the feelings i’ve described here and you’re still looking for your boutique-soulmate, take a look at THE WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM of kelly to see if it might be the place for you, too.

i am wearing mostly vince in the pictures above – one of my all-time favorite brands, and very well-represented at kelly // photos by matthias rabaey and stephanie duval


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