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we’ve been living in this apartment for almost five years now, and slowly but surely the walls are starting to fill up. that, to me at least, is the hardest part of decorating a home. what do you put on the walls? photos, posters, garlands, mirrors… the options are endless, and i guess that’s what makes deciding so difficult. as i knew this room would in progress until we knew for sure how many kids would sleep in there, i avoided committing to too many things. and so the walls in juliet’s room are bare for the most part.

but now that we’ve decided juliet won’t be sharing her room with eloise anytime soon, i started thinking about how to make the space feel even more like her. i love when kids’ rooms showcase some of their favorite toys or pieces from their wardrobe, so i looked at some fun ways to do that. there are endless options of cute, kiddie-proof wall hooks, but for as long as i can remember i’ve been in love with THE DOTS designed by LARS TORNOE. i love how the design is super simple and yet playful. it’s a perfect fit for a little girl’s room that can stick around until she’s a teenager (or even beyond that), so that choice was easily made.

we have the black versions from MUUTO in our own bedroom, but for juliet’s scandi-style room the oak was a better match. i went for the entire set, but decided to divide the hooks over two separate places. i placed two above her little desk area to hold her favorite toys of the moment, and three next to her dollhouse on the wall facing her bed. that way, she can prepare the next day’s outfit and see it before she goes to sleep (she definitely got her obsession with fashion from her mama). it currently holds her collection of adorable hand bags, which are just within reach so she can grab them herself.

i have to say i keep falling in love with this little room, a little more every day. there are days when i hate that i can’t paint the walls in this rental, but when i see the different elements in her room come together likes this – the light oak agains the clean, white background – i don’t really mind as much. tell me – what’s up against the walls in your home? frames? photos? decorations? i’d love some more inspiration because i want to get started on some other walls in the living room and eloise’s room, too!

photos by stephanie duval • COAT HOOKS kindly gifted by MISTERDESIGN.BE


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