if i were to describe my interior design style, i think i would place it at the crossroads of sentimentalism and minimalism. i don’t like clutter, but it would be impossible for me to feel at home in a showroom-like environment that is completely void of identity. so i like to decorate with things that have meaning beyond their good looks. and though you won’t find many printed photos hanging on our walls, i do like to keep sentimental little souvenirs around to remind me of special moments. but as any good collector of trinkets will know – the difference between you and the extreme hoarders on that horrible american tv show, is organization.

every now and then i will browse the online selection of DESIGN ORGANIZERS to see if any of them would fit our home. that is how i came across the MOEBE OFFICE SET not too long ago (keeping my thank you cards and paperclips from straying all over my desk all the time, as you can see HERE), and it’s how i found this cute jewelry box shown in the photos above. i usually don’t have a particular use in mind for these items yet when i buy them – i just know i am in constant need of ways to keep my valuables sorted and safe.

for the longest time, i struggled to keep the jewelry i designed for DIAMANTI PER TUTTI somewhere i could easily reach it, so i wouldn’t forget to put them on from time to time. the bracelets and necklaces kept tangling up in the little pouches that i was using, so in the end i stuffed everything into a little box, which wasn’t pretty enough to stay out in the open, so i kept it in my underwear drawer. result? i never thought of the jewelry and never wore any of it for months. so when i stumbled upon this cute jewelry box in wood with a lovely little mirror, i knew it was the perfect solution. i now have my favorite things always ready to grab, and if i want to remind myself to wear them more often, i leave the box open with the mirror exposed.

it’s a very practical and logical example, but when i think about it, everything in our bedroom follows the same reasoning. i got these STRING SHELVES because i wanted to put some souvenirs on display, without cluttering up the space. it’s my favorite place to practice the art of visual merchandising (an obsession of mine, see also MY PREVIOUS POST where i turn laundry into an opportunity for styling) and to arrange little keepsakes from weddings, travels and our girls when they were still tiny babies. similarly, i searched high and low until i found the perfect baby and memory books to journal in for our daughters – they had to be beautiful so i could regard them as part of the interior decor, so i could leave them out in the open all the time, or otherwise i would completely forget to write in them on a regular base. this little stack is from australian company WRITE TO ME.

so do you recognize any of these tendencies to ‘stylishly hoard’ as i am going to dub it from now on? if so, please send any organizational tips my way, i am still looking for a nice and large box to collect our daughters’ art work, and one for each of them to gather their first baby outfits, favorite baby toys, etc for them to take with when they move out one day (which i won’t allow them to do before they turn 40).

photos by stephanie duval • post in collaboration with MISTER DESIGN


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