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December 22, 2014 • MiamiTravel

i promised you guys i would start digging into the tons of travel content i haven’t shared with you on here yet. so even though we are currently in new york (check MY INSTAGRAM FEED to see where we’re hanging out), i’d like to look back on the trip we took to miami around thanksgiving last year.

we were there to scout and photograph places for the CONNECTIONS urban explorer guide, and though we had not expected to, we completely fell in love with miami. it really is the perfect mix of sun, shopping, relaxing and good food. we discovered several nice restaurants, hotels and shops, all of which i’d love to introduce to you over the next few weeks.

for now these are a few snapshots of things we liked and loved in miami // old-fashioned indie cinema MIAMI BEACH CINEMATHEQUE // wynwood hair salon JUNIOR & HATTER // the miami location of old favorite SHAKE SHACK // the MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT and its fancy shops // delicious coffee at PANTHER COFFEE // the coolest garage i ever did see on collins avenue, hiding ATRIUM // and more pastels than we thought we could stomach, but THE WEBSTER made it all worthwhile.

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey first published in the CONNECTIONS miami guide. check it out HERE to discover more of my tips.


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