Baby Fever And Miffy Love

January 22, 2015 • Home DecorKids

ah yes, it has begun. the past few days i’ve felt myself go into overdrive – arranging, rearranging, making lists, researching online, stalking people via e-mail, making lists of lists, and once again rearranging what we already have in the house. nothing feels more satisfying than crossing a must-do or must-have off my many, many lists. yep, it’s here. BABY FEVER. for those of you who think i will turn this blog into a mama hot spot, fear not. the next post will be about miami or london, i promise. besides, i hope that my take on babies will be able to inspire more people than the parents or parents-to-be among you. in the end, everything is about design and beauty around here, and that’s never going to change.

on to the second part of my story for today – the MIFFY love. as a belgian kid of the eighties, i was raised with miffy. perhaps belgium’s love affair with illustrator dick bruna’s famous rabbit runs a little less deep than that of the dutch, but just barely. for me, the thing that has made this love an everlasting one, is the genius of bruna’s talent to take a few black lines on a white background and fashion a story out of them. the drawings are always basic, and that is exactly why they are so effective. it’s also the main reason why miffy, or nijntje, has become a symbol of cool, minimalist kids design. so of course when i discovered the MIFFY LAMP designed by mr maria, i knew it had to become a part of my life.

and then the stars aligned and belgian design webshop COSYGIFTS asked me to pick my favorite from their shop so i could tell you guys a bit more about them and their service. i think i took two seconds to decide on the miffy lamp, and a few days later she already arrived safe and sound in her new home. i’m having such fun moving her around the house – don’t you think she looks just as good in the living room next to our little one’s cradle as in the nursery, close to the teepee? every little element we’re adding is making it feel more real that soon there is going to be a baby in the house. i can’t even tell you how excited i am about that, but i can tell you i hope he or she will be as crazy about this gorgeous lamp as i am.

some other stuff around the house i’m currently loving // UASHMAMA metallic paper bags // HAY gym hooks // LEANDER cradle // KONST SMIDE string lights // ORK brooklyn poster // TE LEUK HOUT teepee // PIA WALLEN cross blanket // MIFFY LAMP kindly donated by COSYGIFTS.BE – check out their webshop for more cool design and gift ideas
photos by stephanie duval


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