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the kick-ass women interview series is meant to inject a tiny little bit of modern day feminism into this blog. i figure when my ideology and the subjects of this blog intersect, it’s not just an opportunity to spread positive vibes and support great women in the creative industry, but it also presents an interesting story that might be inspiring to you in other ways, too.

instagram is such a fun and cool community, don’t you think? it’s where i first ‘met’ isabel, katleen and liesbet, three ladies with an impeccable sense of style and taste, and three mothers of some of the most adorable children out there. last year they launched their blog MWORDMAG to inspire likeminded moms who are not ready to give up beauty and design in their lives just because they have little drooling monsters to take care of. needless to say, i think the magazine and the ladies behind it rock, and i am super pleased to be able to introduce them to you via 70percentpure’s trademark kick-ass questionnaire!

what is the most important thing you’ve learned in your life so far?

isabel – that must be the fact that you can’t do good for everyone. when i was younger i could lie awake thinking about those kind of things. once i became a mom, i had to let that go. there are bigger things to worry about, right?
katleen – be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can, even though it won’t be perfect… it is ok – still learning though.
liesbet – anything is possible. if you want it, and you put the work in, you can do it.

what are you trying to teach yourself right now?

isabel – not an easy question, but i worry too much. like all the time. i need to let things go. for the sake of my mental health and sleep!
katleen – to be calm with my kids at all times, even when stress takes over. i’ve learned that getting angry hardly ever helps, it often makes the situation worse. i want to be calm in my life in general really.
liesbet – patience. a lot of it. trying to not let stress get the best of me.

the awesome ladies behind

what is your favorite memory? what does it say about you?

isabel – my favorite moment must be the moment after jules was born. when we got back to the room, the first thing i said to my husband was: you must know that i want to do this again. not the being pregnant thing, that wasn’t really my thing, but giving birth was such an overwhelming experience. i never ever thought i could fall in love as quickly as i did with my kids. oh and their smell…. the best. i guess that must say that i am addicted to love or something, i don’t know, or that i should make more babies?
katleen – ok, i have three favorite memories, of course, the birth of each of my babies (so original, i know), and particularly the first moment when they started drinking instinctively, they are so alert with eyes wide open, and they know what to do, just a minute after they are born.
liesbet – the moment each of my babies were born. the moment i got to hold them close and see their little faces for the first time, hear their funny noises, smell their perfect skin… i think it is addictive; i will forever want more babies!

if you could only give one piece of advice to anyone, what would it be?

isabel – do what you love. don’t let doubt kill your vibe.
katleen – relax, don’t take it all too seriously… when you’re angry or frustrated or stressed, ask yourself ‘is it really that important? does it matter anyway?’ it’s advice that my husband gives me, and it has helped me a lot! yes, i tend to stress about silly things and details…
liesbet – trust your own instincts, you’ve got it down. and don’t sweat the small stuff.

what would you like to be remembered for?

isabel – i would like to be remembered as a person people could count on.
katleen – i would love to be remembered like i remember my grandmother. she was amazing, raising six kids in style. she was loud (like i am too sometimes, ha) but also the most loving person i have ever known, especially to her kids, and all her grandchildren. it would be great if i could be remembered like that.
liesbet – i hope the people close to me remember me as a loving and caring person. and a little wild & crazy sometimes, haha!

the awesome ladies behind

what is the biggest accomplishment you wish for yourself in your future?

isabel – i wish my kids will grow up as independent and warm hearted people and will always be surrounded by people they love and are loved by. on a professional level i wish for MWORDMAG to grow with us.
katleen – i just wish that my kids will be very happy people! and i hope that in many years, they will look back to a happy and fun childhood, and that i had a part in that.
liesbet – my biggest accomplishment would be to have raised three little ones into confident, kind and ambitious young adults. mature people in every way: mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally. for myself personally, i wish to find that perfect balance between family, work and our blog. i also hope to take MWORDMAG to the next level.

do you have an icon – someone you look up to or never fails to inspire you?

isabel – my mother. she taught me (almost) everything i know. and of course kate moss, ha!
katleen – my grandmother(s), my mother, my sister, not in that particular order.
liesbet – i must admit: my parents were right…about everything. they still play a huge role in my life, and they always will. my husband is my confident rock, the one who always has the best advice and who never fails me. he makes me laugh like nobody else can. and he has killer looks! also, my twin sister is my inspiration, i need her opinion on everything before i can make any decision.

MWORDMAG // ISABEL on instagram // KATLEEN on instagram // LIESBET on instagram
photos by kaat vandenbroeck for MWORDMAG


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