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Get Your Fall On

October 15, 2018 • DesignHome Decor

i read an article last weekend that listed a couple of micro trends in interior design, and it said pink is nearly over. it also said the next ‘it color’ will be peach, which is basically pink with some brown mixed in. so really nothing big is happening in the color trend department, and i guess our home is safe for a little while longer. just as a fun experiment though, i am adding as much pink as possible to discover where my husband’s tolerance level is at. you think he regrets choosing the life with three girls?

my latest find is the TINT THROW from NORMANN COPENHAGEN, which has replaced our black and white CROSS BLANKET. it’s super warm and cozy for long netflix marathons on the sofa, but because it is such a thick quality, it’s perfect to throw on the floor as a play mat for eloise as well.

i’d say blankets are my achilles heel in interior design, but i have little to no resistance to interior design overall so that would’t necessarily be an accurate metaphor. the thing about blankets is – you can really never have enough of them, especially when you have kids. sofa tents, a house for the dolls, living room camps, reading nooks, fairy castles, playing corners… they’re all just one imaginative step away from a tower high heap of blankets.

but my favorite thing to do in this season (if you haven’t watched comedian iliza’s routine about fall, you need to CLICK HERE stat) is to crawl underneath a blanket with a pumpkin spice latte (#pumpkineverything, seriously, watch the routine!) and a book, our WINTER TUNES SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (thank me later) playing in the background and candles burning on every flat surface in a five meter radius. now if only my kids would both go to sleep at eight at night so i could get my fall on.

obviously i’ll have inspired you now to subscribe to that playlist (or go down the rabbit hole that is iliza’s stand-up on youtube) and to grab that romantic novel (or hit ‘replay’ on when harry met sally for the 11 thousandth time), so all you need now is one of these DESIGN THROWS to keep you warm and stylish.

see y’all after hibernation?

photos by stephanie duval • tint throw designed by ANNE LEHMAN via

Pink Is Taking Over

July 11, 2018 • Home Decor

pink is completely taking over our bedroom (and the rest of our home, for that matter). the minute we found out we were having another baby girl, my brain short circuited and i went online to order ALL OF THE PINK THINGS. maybe it’s because when i was pregnant with juliet i only bought monochrome clothes, and i regretted it almost immediately after she was born. i was not gonna make the same mistake twice – my last baby was going to be the girliest of all girls ever born.

months before eloise arrived, i started collecting cute tiny clothes, shoes, baby books, memory boxes, and so on. instead of hiding it all away in a closet or in the girls’ bedroom, i put it right where i could see it every single day – our bedroom. if my husband minded, he was wise enough not to let me know, and let me pretend i was decorating a children’s shop instead of the parental bedroom. hormones, am i right?

our bedroom doesn’t look like this anymore right now – i’ve put that beautiful SKO SHOE RACK in the hallway to make room for eloise’s crib. i fell in love with this design by SIMON LEGALD the minute i laid eyes on it though, so i’ll probably be moving the rack back into our room once eloise sleeps in the girls’ room. i mean, why buy all of these pretty shoes if you can’t display them to admire every day? and it helps that the rack in itself is so pretty, too.

photos by stephanie duval • thanks to the brands that allow me to experiment, discover and only share what i genuinely love with you • shoe rack from normann copenhagen via MISTER DESIGN. check out their website for more beautiful DESIGN STORAGE • most of the clothes and baby things i found at HET LAND VAN OOIT, but if you’d like to know anything specifically, please let me know in the comments and i’ll help you out!


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