Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets

my poor husband. he didn’t ask to become the plus one to a blogger, but he’s such a good sport about it. one day he’s my photographer, the next he is my editor. he accompanies me on trips to cities (which he loves) and boutiques (which he likes a whole lot less). he sits quietly when i ask him not to touch anything on the table because i need to take picture, and he doesn’t complain when three out of four rooms in our house are a huge mess because i’m styling a few photoshoots. he understands that this blog is an important part of my life, and he respects the energy, time and love i put into this project.

he’s on a first name basis with our postman, who frequently delivers packages with goodies for me to create content with. and yet, almost none of the packages have anything in them for my sweet, understanding, patient husband. not cool, susanne of COMPTOIR DES OBJETS jokingly told me. and then she added a little care package for the man in my life to our collaboration. she figured – if steph will enjoy those deliciously scented cleaning products from COMMON GOOD, perhaps matti will appreciate the fresh and masculine scent of the LE BAIGNEUR soap set you can see pictured above.

well, she was right of course, but she probably also knew that i would fall madly in love with le baigneur’s branding and packaging. so when this particular parcel was delivered, matti was psyched that it was meant for him, and then i went and told him he couldn’t touch anything before i had taken an appropriate amount of pictures. that’s how horrible a wife i am. all jokes aside – these soaps are not just ridiculously goodlooking – they smell divine, too. we’re using one of them sparingly (yes, we – i love masculine scents in the bathroom) and leaving the others lying around the guest room because they spread such a lovely scent.

photos by stephanie duval

DESIGN-Packaging-and-Foodie-Collectables-1 DESIGN-Packaging-and-Foodie-Collectables-5 DESIGN-Packaging-and-Foodie-Collectables-7 DESIGN-Packaging-and-Foodie-Collectables-3

i’m a sucker for good branding and packaging. let’s be honest here, how many of you have bought stuff they didn’t need (or even liked!) just because of the pretty box it came in? the grocery store is an especially dangerous place… i have the biggest tea collection, and i don’t even like tea that much. so whe your content and packaging are on the same level, you’ve pretty much made a fan for life out of me.

that’s what 0°SOUTH managed to do with their pretty men’s underwear, which i’ve secretly been hogging from my husband and using as pyjamas- who knew boxershorts could be so comfortable? they offer a subscription service, too – so for christmas, why not get your man a monthly delivery of fresh undies and socks? he’s happy with the contents, you’ll get a kick out of the nice packaging. it’s a win-win.

and i know there’s nothing surprising or innovative about kraft packaging for granola, but it still gets me every time. while i was at KRACHTVOER recently, i discovered belgian brand FLOOM, which sells home-roasted muesli and granola. they also organize regular brunches, which i’m dying to attend. more information can be found over on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

and just because it’s one of the prettiest books i’ve seen all year and i had the honor of signing my own HOW BLOGS WORK at the antwerp book fair next to its lovely authors, i wanted to give a little shout-out to THURSDAY DINNERS. if you love kinfolk, if you love stories, if you love photography, if you love food… or all of the above, you need this book in your life. it’s gorgeous and inspiring, just like louise and hannes. order the book via HERE, and you might even win a nice set of SERAX tableware (louise is an ambassador for the brand, too!)

photos by stephanie duval


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