Parelende Tafels
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do you remember that episode in friends when ‘joey doesn’t share food’? yeah, that could have been me. ever since i met my husband, who is waaaay into haute cuisine and a pretty great chef himself, i’ve learned to appreciate good food as one of the most enjoyable things in life. my love for an elaborate and wonderful meal is perhaps only trumped by my love for original and unforgettable experiences, many of which i try to share here on this blog as a way of remembering them forever. so when both food and an incredible experience are blended into one concept, you bet your sweet little ass i’ll be there.

i wasn’t in belgium to attend the inaugural edition of water brand BRU‘s ‘parelende tafels’, but i was beyond pleased to be able to go to the second edition on the grounds of the palm brewery. a long, kinfolk-ish table was set right next to the hop fields and decorated with greens and nostalgic tableware. a mix and match of wooden chairs and string lights were the perfect decor for a dinner that many brides and grooms-to-be could pin straight to their wedding inspiration pinterest board.

i brought along one of my dear belgian friends who i don’t get to see nearly enough, and we thoroughly enjoyed catching up and having dinner under the starry summer sky. i had such a good time i completely forgot to take pictures of the food, so you’ll have to take my word for it – it was delicious. but i doubt that anything could have tasted bad in such a dreamy environment. if you’re interested in joining one of bru’s upcoming dinners, they are organizing a new version every month and the locations are always awesome. check out their ‘parelende tafels’ calendar right HERE.

photos by stephanie duval


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