a few years ago, i noticed the hashtag #aromatherapy popping up on more and more instagram accounts that i love following. they were all raving about the benefits of using the right essential oils at the right time, so i got intrigued and started reading up about it a little bit. as i read about the importance of using first-grade, all-natural essential oils, i discovered belgian brand PHYTOSUN and bought a few of their products at the pharmacy. i dabbled a little with them and instantly fell in love with the effects of eucalyptus in the shower in the morning (hint – it’s like having your private hammam at home), but i never really took the time to get further into it.

fast forward a couple of years to when i crossed paths with phytosun again, in a professional context this time. i helped organise an inspirational evening where a phytosun aromatherapist explained some of the easier ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in everyday life, and just like that i was really, really hooked this time. since then i’ve experimented with including essential oils in our cooking, but i have most enjoyed diffusing them at various times for various reasons. this summer, i brought along phytosun’s EASYPLUG travel diffuser to mallorca and it worked like a charm to make our rental home smell like lavender (or keep the mosquitoes and flies away with citronella).

this fall, i was introduced to their brand new SILVA diffuser, which was designed to fit into even the most sleek and curated interiors. i sure love that it does not remind of a plastic ufo (like so many weird-looking diffusers out there), and its natural look blends in beautifully in every room i put it in. but of course more importantly, it works really well to diffuse my favorite combinations of essential oils, and it has helped us tremendously in fighting off all the typical autumn colds and viruses.

i personally don’t use the colored light function that was developed to help you create a certain atmosphere, but juliet loves it so much, i keep it on while we diffuse oils in the bathroom during her bath time. she’s always completely fixated by it, and we have started referring to those bathroom moments as our mommy-daughter spa-time. it helps us both unwind after busy days, and i notice she’s a lot more relaxed when she gets out of the tub. i also use the diffuser with a bare minimum of oils to moisten the air in her room before her bedtime, which helps prevent coughing during the night (and i admit, which helps us all sleep better through the night as a family!)

i remember when i first started reading up about essential oils and aromatherapy some of it sounded a little woozy or maybe even a bit scary – because you do have to pay attention to which oils you use and how. but i assure you – i would not want to return to a world pre-aromatherapy, and if you have any questions, i’d be happy to try and answer them (or ask my friends at phytosun to answer them!) so if you’ve been intrigued for a while now and were looking for the right moment to get started with it, this is it! because let’s admit – does anyone ever have enough eucalyptus in their lives?

photos by stephanie duval


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