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A Peek In Our Bedroom

February 17, 2015 • Home DecorKidsStyle

if one were to try and describe my ‘bedroom style’, the words high and maintenance will almost definitely be a part of that. when i was about one year old, my mom and grandmother opened up a lingerie boutique together. i basically grew up between bras, beachwear and – most importantly – nightwear. sleeping in anything less than beautiful pyjamas just wasn’t an option in our household. (on an almost completely unrelated but funny side note – my mother-in-law used to shop in our boutique, and she sometimes brought my husband with her when he was around two or three years old. technically, the first time my husband and i met, we were toddlers and listening to our mothers chat about lingerie.)

i never lost that connection to the world of nightwear and homewear, and as editor-in-chief of belgium’s trade magazine for the lingerie industry, i even had to learn more about it than ever before. throughout the years there was always one brand that stuck out to me as exceptionally beautiful, and that was PLUTO. a few seasons ago, they launched sister brand PLUTO ON THE MOON, geared towards a slightly younger audience. if pluto makes the classics you’ll want to wear for years and years to come (and you can, the quality really is that good), pluto on the moon lets you give in to your taste for the contemporary and the fashionable. i’m so grateful my favorite nightgown still fits my bump (a.k.a. the basketball), and i wear that sweater around the house ALL the time. these two are definitely coming with me to the hospital when the baby arrives, as i’ll probably want to feel comfortable and pretty at that time, right?

the second and perhaps even more important part of my high maintenance bedroom standards has to do with how everything looks and feels in the room. by now i’ve been to so many gorgeous hotels and i’ve seen so many beautiful bedrooms styled to perfection, i just don’t want to settle for anything less. it’s a slow process to create the bedroom of my dreams, but every little improvement makes me so ridiculously happy. take my night stand for example – the metal tray BIG:LEDGE designed by ANNE LINDE. when i asked my husband to put it up next to my side of the bed, he jealously asked ‘and when is mine arriving?’ i have to admit it’s the neatest little thing – so sleek and pretty, and so easy to display your favorite essentials and hide away everything else in the back. i’ve already been looking into ordering the smaller version for the guest bedroom, as i love the idea of welcoming visitors with a nice scented candle and some mints during their stay.

wearing PLUTO ON THE MOON nightgown and sweater // on my big:ledge (shop it via MAISON DECO SHOP) you see a BYREDO candle, AESOP resurrection hand balm and ESTEE LAUDER repair serum // on the bed the PIA WALLEN cross blanket

photos by stephanie duval


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