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September 22, 2015 • Home DecorKidsStyle

don’t worry, i haven’t gone missing, and i most certainly have not abandoned this blog (i mean, i could never). i have been working hard on pulling off this career + having a kid thing, and though most days i’m succeeding, sometimes i am not. and when something’s gotta give, it means i try to unplug a little more often. if you want to stay in the loop though, you can always find me on INSTAGRAM, where it’s easier for me to share little stories more frequently. that said – i have been playing catch up with the hundreds of photos i still needed to edit and stories i needed to put into words, and i have so many great things to share with you in the coming weeks. it’s a good thing fall is knocking on our door – what better than rainy weather to sink into your sofa with a blanket and some reading material, right?

first up is something i’ve been wanting to share for far too long. one of the biggest perks of having this blog, is that really cool people sometimes find and contact me to show me what they’re doing. personally, i think there is no bigger compliment than that. last spring, i received two such emails one right after the other. and though they couldn’t be more different, they have more in common than you’d think at first sight. one came from the belgian designer duo behind HAUSMERK, a new and directional brand of original and minimal interior design objects. the other came from the netherlands, where an entrepreneurial young woman launched COISA, her own brand of gorgeous knitwear clothing and accessories. young people creating beautiful things with a soul – it was a good mail day alright.

i was wrong before – the biggest compliment is not having these talented people get in touch, but them putting their trust in me to take their creations and present them to you in a meaningful and beautiful story on my blog. they had to wait a long time before i got to it though. these past few months have been a whirlwind of launching my own marketing company with a partner, getting used to life as a family of three, traveling back and forth between switzerland and belgium and juggling assignments and projects like never before. i rarely stopped to smell the roses, so to speak. until one day i decided – enough already.

i took half a day off from my inbox and phone, and spent it with juliet. we went around the house, taking our time to discover every little thing in every single room. i showed her every knick-knack and told her the story behind every object. it was so fun to see her face light up discovering new shapes, colors and textures. she touched everything she could get her little hands on, her eyes filled with wonder (and drool dripping everywhere the second before she tried to put everything into her little mouth). i often say things like ‘i want her to grow up appreciating the things in life i love the most,’ but i realized i need to take the time to really get her interested and introduce her to those things. i am surrounded by so much beauty – the denim scarf by coisa and the wall knobs from hausmerk among them – but i tend to live too fast to really enjoy them. it’s hard to say who enjoyed our little tour around the house more – juliet or myself.

in any case, it presented the perfect opportunity to finally take some photos of my daily surroundings. juliet doesn’t sleep in her leander crib anymore, but i can’t get myself to put it away just yet. instead i often put her in there while i tidy up the room, fold laundry or take pictures – like in this instance. i’ve put the marble and wood SUNNY SIDE UP KNOBS from hausmerk against the wall where my muuto dots used to hang – they are the exact same size for screws, so they’re super easy to alternate. i love how they are a small detail that makes a big difference. (and i don’t need to explain how much i love the use of marble in them, right?) i use them to hang items i use regularly, like my robe from PLUTO ON THE MOON, or totes that are easy to grab and fill up when i need to head out the door.

i also love to have beautiful accessories lying or hanging around, because if they are not – i always forget putting them on. coisa makes such beautiful SCARVES in natural fabrics and colors, they are the perfect finishing touch to any basic outfit. i have honestly not taken their scarf off ever since i got it, and i always get the nicest compliments about it. i strongly suggest you peruse their LOOKBOOK, which is excellent outfit inspiration for minimalists and lovers of basic like myself. i am seriously contemplating just printing out all of their pictures to take them shopping with me to replicate every single outfit.

wall knobs by HAUSMERK // scarf by COISA // juliet’s playsuit by HUXBABY and headband by HOUSE OF MIA // bedding by OOH NOO // crib by LEANDER // tote by EMOI EMOI // photos by stephanie duval

Pluto On The Moon Pluto On The Moon Pluto On The Moon Pluto On The Moon Pluto On The Moon Pluto On The Moon

one of those essential things you need when preparing for your baby’s arrival is comfortable and pretty nightwear. you don’t want to schlep around the hospital in that aweful hospital gown, and you need something that makes you feel pretty and feminine. i’ve never told you this before, but i literally grew up amidst pajamas and night gowns. my mother and grandmother used to run a lingerie boutique and sold the prettiest underwear and nightwear. my mom went on to become an agent for one of belgium’s oldest nightwear companies. but i distinctly remember one other brand that always captivated me with their beautiful collections – PLUTO. it was the label i always imagined i would buy for myself when i would be a grown up. and what is more grown up than having a baby?

a few years ago, belgian label pluto launched a sublabel for a younger and more fashionable audience – a little less classic, a lot trendier, but equally stylish as their main line. its name is PLUTO ON THE MOON, and its tagline is ‘live by the sun, love by the moon.’ i mean, how dreamy is that? they provided me with the most beautiful outfits to feel comfortable during my pregnancy and those first few weeks with a newborn. you might remember my favorite night gown from the winter collection from THESE BABYBUMP PHOTOS. i also picked out a beautiful kimono to wear in the hospital and during those late night feedings, you can see me wearing it in the pictures of THIS INTERVIEW.

i’m incredibly happy pluto on the moon wanted to team up for the next episode in these ‘with love’ give aways, because i think too many new moms buy dozens of pretty little pajamas for their little ones, but tend to forget about themselves. together with pluto, i’m offering one lovely reader the opportunity to pick her favorite pajama or night gown from the pluto on the moon summer collection. all you have to do is comment below this post and let me know what is your favorite night time memory. it can be a childhood anecdote, an experience as a new mom, or really any kind of special memory you have of bed or night time. we’ll pick a winner at random next friday – so make sure to come back and check if you won!

congratulations birgit putteman, your name was drawn from the hat! send me an email at hello @, and i’ll get you in touch with the lovely people from pluto on the moon!

photos by stephanie duval


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