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Happy Announcement

October 10, 2014 • KidsStyle

you guys, i have a confession to make. the blog has been really quiet over summer – not because i was still working on HOW BLOGS WORK (which i had to finish by the end of june!) or because i was hard at work creating this new platform (all credit goes to MATTHIAS DECKX for that!) but because i was trying to survive that infamous first trimester of my very first pregnancy. that’s right! my sweet husband and i are expecting our first baby in the spring of 2015, and despite the discomforts that are to be expected with a pregnancy, we could not be happier about this news. of course this is also a big part of the reason why we decided to up and move to a bigger place – something i’m right in the middle of this very week.

i am at 15 weeks right now, and thought it might be a good moment to make this little announcement by sharing some first baby bump pictures with you guys. i have to say, dressing for this particular phase is proving to be quite a challenge. i’m not that obviously pregnant yet, but i can’t stand any regular-fitting pants. i’m in the twilight zone of pregnancy fashion, and i can’t wait until i reach that flaunt-it-when-you-got-it stage. all i can say is, thank god for marilie van goethem’s BILLION DOLLAR BABES multitops. i met marilie when she was just launching her own brand of jerseywear, and i still have some of her very first prototypes lying in my closet. over the years i’ve seen her grow her business as a true entrepreneur, and grow her little family as a fabulous mom. her tops make me happy for a multitude of reasons, but above all because they make me look elegant while still feeling comfortable, and right now that is golden to me.

don’t worry, i won’t be turning this blog into a baby paradise. i will probably be posting more baby-related stuff on my INSTAGRAM, where i announced my pregnancy LIKE THIS. i can’t prevent my personal life from seeping into this blog as well – so i hope i’ll be able to inspire some of you moms and dads out there with some cool finds. but there will still be plenty of the usual content around here. in fact, by the end of the week i’m finally kickstarting a new style series, and next week i’ll be sharing some cool spots in london. don’t hesitate to let me know what you think in the comments – i love hearing from you!

wearing the BILLION DOLLAR BABES chloe multitop in midnight blue


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