Holiday Shopping For Moms-to-be

November 27, 2014 • KidsStyle

Holiday Shopping for Moms-to-be

i don’t know how it is with you guys, but in my surroundings i’m seeing a true baby boom. friends, colleagues and even fellow bloggers – congrats EMMA – seem to be taking turns to announce their good news, and i couldn’t be happier for all of them. of course a lot of my conversations lately have turned to the subject of being pregnant and the various ways in which we all deal with its joys, challenges and discomforts. so you can take it from me that if you have a pregnant lady in your life, she’ll love getting pampered just a little bit extra around the holidays this year. in case you need some ideas for thoughtful gifts for a stylish mom-to-be, i rounded up some of my own favorites for you.

1 HATCH is a wonderful american maternity brand that i’ve been following for a while now. they make gorgeous clothes, but i’m especially fond of their HATCH-TO-HOSPITAL BOX, which contains all the essential items for the new mom, including fresh panties and cashmere socks. // 2 new parents’ number one priority? taking as many pictures of their newborn as possible, of course. if you’re using your smartphone, you might want to print out some of those snapshots on film, with this super easy travel size FUJIFILM SHARE SP-1 PRINTER, as the perfect memento of your baby’s first few days. you could even use the pictures for original birth announcements, like THIS ONE. // 3 i’ve been trying out so many different beauty products to cope with the changes in my body, and i’m always curious to try out new ones. i have a trip to new york planned right before christmas, and i have every intention of buying these MAMA MIO FACIAL WIPES. they seem like a fun extra to add to my routine, and who knows – they might actually give me that pregnancy glow everyone keeps raving about? // 4 there are very few true maternity brands that have found the way to my heart, but ISABELLA OLIVER certainly is one of them. just check out THIS AMAZING PARTY DRESS (which i think will still look gorgeous post-babybump). // 5 another company from the states that has captured my attention, is STORQ. they make only the basics – the fundamentals on which to build your maternity wardrobe – and package them in A BUNDLE that has you covered from then on. // 6 last but not least, i read an interesting blog post recently – though i can’t for the life of me remember where – in which one mom shared her tips to put together the perfect hospital package. she said to remember to bring music and a nice scented candle, to set the mood and feel at home in your hospital room. i think that is a great idea, and will definitely be on the lookout for the perfect scent to take with me. this DIPTIQUE MINI SET seems perfect for the occasion, right?


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