Catching My Breath At Aspria

February 26, 2015 • BrusselsTravelWellness

by now you’re all well aware that i’ve turned into a wellness junkie, right? for the longest time, i thought spas and wellness centers were just not for me. then i became pregnant, and i was all like – let the massages come to me! and don’t even get me started on the wonderful feeling of floating around in a luxurious pool, weightless for just a brief, deliriously happy moment. while i was in belgium a few weeks ago, i was invited by the brussels branch of ASPRIA to come check them out, and i didn’t need a lot of prodding .

in fact, i had seen the photos of the renovations at aspria avenue louise, and read the testimonial of fellow blogger (and mom-to-be) EMMA GELAUDE, so i knew what to expect. as a bonus, the avenue louise location also has a brand new spa area by sisley, which is every bit as luxurious as that sounds. the three locations offer roughly the same experiences and services though, so if you’re located in brussels, work there or are traveling there soon, there is sure to be an aspria near you. locals can get memberships and enjoy the facilities à volonté, but you can also get a day pass and make the most of out your time there.

i only had time for a quick tour and pregnancy massage at the aspria royal la rasante, which was delightful. but i’m itching to go check out the location at avenue louise and experience the sisley spa – definitely on my to-do list once i can travel again!

photos courtesy of ASPRIA

Wellness And Design At Wu Wei

February 12, 2015 • KidsTravelWellness

WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-13b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-14b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-15b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-3b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-17b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-5b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-6b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-10b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-8b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-11b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-12b WELLNESS-Wu-Wei-Kortrijk-Belgium-16b

if i was already a fan of spa treatments, massages and wellness centers before, getting pregnant intensified that love times a thousand. i keep telling people – getting pampered just feels so much more gratifying when your body is going through these intense and at times awkward or difficult changes. also who ever said no to a massage in life before? that’s right, no one, ever. so when belgian online platform RELAXY.BE came knocking, i answered the door with a big smile plastered all over my face. aims to make life easier for those in need of a good backrub or relaxing day hanging out in a jacuzzi. on their platform you’ll find a quite extensive (though not exhaustive) list of spa, beauty and wellness centers all over belgium. you can search by location or by the kind of experience you’re in the mood for, and you’ll find descriptions, pictures, testimonials and discounted arrangements that will have you clicking through to book your appointment in no time. i used their search engine to locate a cool design spa, and it pointed me in the direction of WU WEI in kortrijk.

i had heard about this spa many times before, but for some reason i never got around to visiting. wu wei is a hotel, too, so if kortrijk is not in your neighborhood, you can make a weekend out of it. my time in belgium being limited as it is, i opted for an invigorating morning session instead – discovering the sauna’s, hammam, heated outdoor pool and cozy resting area by the fireplace. i have nothing but love for the design of this place – from the sleek and modern exterior to the clean and yet warm surroundings of the spa itself. i love me some good architecture and a design vibe, but at the same time i felt at ease and at home, not like i walked into a design magazine.

we ended our morning with a duo treatment – him a nice back treatment and massage, me a heavenly pregnancy back massage (which they give to you while you’re lying on your back – first time i ever experienced it like that!) and foot massage. i always love it when you get to be in the same treatment room as your partner, don’t you? in the end we didn’t have enough time to check out the rooftop terrace with jacuzzi, so we definitely have a reason to go back. and i’m thinking full-package for next time, staying at the beautiful hotel, enjoying a lazy brunch and then lounging around the spa for an entire day.

photos by stephanie duval


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