last weekend was one for the memory books. my friend MARTA and i had been trying to get our families together for a cozy brunch or lunch since a few months, but our calendars never seemed to line up. we finally booked a date several weeks in advance – a saturday in october it would be. as the weather stayed nice for so long, we decided it would be the perfect time to do a joint photo session, too. there are never enough opportunities to get some beautiful family portraits, right?

so last saturday we were en route to our lunch and shoot location in the gorgeous countryside close to geneva, when i started smelling trouble from the back seat about twenty minutes into the drive. we figured we’d wait to change eloise’s diaper until we arrived at the restaurant, thinking nothing much more of it. but when another twenty minutes later i opened the car door and lifted eloise out of her car seat, a million thoughts started running through my head – the loudest one being ‘why for the love of god do i never pack a change of clothes for this baby?’ i’ll spare you my other thoughts. her diaper’s contents had exploded all over her beautiful onesie, pants and socks, and i had brought absolutely nothing else for her to wear. we panicked and almost turned the car straight around to head back home and cancel all plans, until we realized that shit indeed does happen in life and it’s way better to just roll with the punches.

so instead of having our lovely photo shoot i packed eloise into her super warm sleeping bag and tucked her under a blanket in the stroller, and we all enjoyed a little walk before enjoying a lovely lunch together. eloise slept through the entire thing. i guess marta and i had also romanticized the idea of being able to carry an actual conversation with so many kids at the table, but hey – it still counts as spending quality time together. afterwards we all drove back to our place in begnins to change eloise into a new outfit and have some coffee and cake, and then we went out for another little walk in our neighborhood. not even five minutes from our home, and of course we ended up taking the most gorgeous photos there. that’s #reallife for you.

the kids had fun picking some of the last left over grapes from the vines, while marta and i got completely snap happy and freaked out about the perfect light and the gorgeous fall colors. our husbands must have rolled their eyes a few times but they were polite enough to let us carry on, even posing for some family photos. keep the momtographers happy, and everyone gets to be happy, right? also – can we talk about these beautiful fall outfits? i am practically living in that red dress i found at MARGARETA, and all the kids are dressed (nearly head to toe) in things we found at STADTLANDKIND, both marta’s and my favorite swiss children’s web shop.

photos by stephanie duval and marta villacampa • my dress is from MARGARETA, all the kids are dressed in STADTLANDKIND outfits • théo’s SWEATER, inès’ DRESS and T-SHIRT, eloise’s CARDIGAN, ROMPER and PANTS, juliet’s DRESS, SNEAKERS, SCARF and POM POM SWEATER

Romper Love

June 26, 2015 • Kids

Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers Baby's Got Rompers

ever since i knew i was pregnant, i’ve had so much fun exploring the world of baby products and fashion. i’ve discovered so many brands that were unknown to me before, and i figured it was about time i’d share some of my findings with you on here. i wanted to start with the ultimate basic for babies – rompers. it is true what they say – you can never have enough of them, and yet they grow out of them as fast as lightning.

my favorite discovery so far has been CLIMAKID. the french brand specializes in thermal rompers that help your baby regulate its temperature. especially when your little one is born in mid winter or high summer, it can be hard for baby to keep cool or warm. juliet was born right at the beginning of spring, but it very much still felt like winter in switzerland. i was happy to dress her in the climakid protec (the darkest and smallest romper in the first picture) to keep her nice and toasty. she then graduated to climakid regul (the middle romper) to help her go from our warm apartment to the chilly outdoors without experiencing too much of a difference between both. and i’m looking forward to her testing the climakid air (the short-sleeved romper) in summertime, to prevent her from drowning in sweat. i couldn’t be a bigger fan of these rompers and i sincerely recommend them. they all come in beautiful shades of grey, so you really can’t go wrong with them style-wise!

i was so happy to discover two beautiful webshops in switzerland, run by two wonderful ladies who made sure i didn’t feel too cut off from the world of baby prettiness here in my little corner of the world. i was sent that gorgeous milk romper by the lovely laura from PHUNKY.CH. it’s made by organic zoo and the quality is just superb. i’m a sucker for the typography as well. the other swiss webshop is the exceptionally fun STADTLANDKIND.CH. shop owner roberta surprised me and juliet with the lovely black kawaii cloud romper made by whistle & flute. so stinking cute, am i right?

speaking of cute, how adorable is that ‘cool at the pool’ print? it’s from dutch brand SPROET & SPROUT, who have made it their mission to come up with the funniest prints ever. my best friend also gave me their bib, which sports the text ‘mom! stop blogging me!’ appropriate much? finally, the romper with that ‘hello’ print was a gift from my sister, and it’s made by HELLO APPAREL.

as for good basics, i was surprised to find that H&M has a fairly extensive organic collection with lovely prints. those tiny little dots and grey and white stripes are perfect, don’t you agree? and of course no baby wardrobe should ever be without the beautiful little rompers from PETIT BATEAU. the white summer editions you see above were a gift from SOKI STUDIO who designed juliet’s birth announcement, and they are just as beautifully chic and simple as soki’s designs.

CLIMAKIDorganic zoo via PHUNKY.CHSPROET & SPROUTH&Mwhistle & flute via STADTLANDKIND.CHHELLO APPARELPETIT BATEAUphotos by stephanie duval


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