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in my search for toys for juliet, i am drawn by two things – the design should be beautiful, and the materials should be durable. wooden toys always have my preference, and if on top of that the colors are understated and the packaging a design object onto itself, i’ll take two please.

i first happened upon british company SARAH AND BENDRIX when i was looking for a beautiful way to write down and keep memories of the first year of juliet’s life. i found their A DAY TO REMEMBER BOX and tought it was just perfect. i’ve been writing down memorable moments onto the pretty white cards, and plan on gifting this box to juliet when she turns sixteen or so.

then i started browsing around on the sarah and bendrix site, and i discovered their gorgeous WOODEN TOYS. i just can’t believe how absolutely perfect they are – beautifully made, and fun, too. some of the toys have really cute features, like how the dog plays the xylophone and the bear in the car shakes his head when you pull them along. you can buy all of the toys separately, or you can buy the GIFT BOX that features no less than six different toys.

but the best part about the gift box, is the actual box it comes in. it’s a fairly large size in pretty white cardboard, marked ‘stay curious’ in gold on top. i plan on using this box to store juliet’s first clothes and favorite soft toys, her bracelet from the hospital and several other knick-knacks that will bring back lovely memories for me, and tell a bit of her story for her to discover. you can also buy a box separately, and that one spells out ‘only the curious have something to find.’ clever, no?

photos by stephanie duval


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