as summer is winding down (i know, i know, i can hardly believe it either) i keep scrolling through the many photos of our different trips, and i have to admit our family holiday on mallorca is one of my absolute favorites of the past few years. the weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot); the food we cooked and grilled each night was so fresh and delicious; and the time we spent with our family was priceless. but i have to say – if the house we rented hadn’t been so utterly beautiful, it wouldn’t have been the same.

we rented can pelut in pollença via BALEARIC VILLAS, and believe me when i say it is even more gorgeous in real life than in the photos. it is the perfect combination of local natural materials and a sleek contemporary style, and everything is perfect down to the tiniest little detail. the swimming pool is something out of a hollywood movie, while the patio with its pretty lights is like an outdoor living room – warm and cozy.

i also loved the kitchen, which is spacious and holds everything you need to cook up lunch and dinner every day, and the bathrooms, which are utterly gorgeous. i devoted a little blog post over on ROOMIN.BE about including a bit of me-time even when on family holiday and spoiler alert – it involves a lot of hiding out in the bathroom. though i gotta say i also spent some lovely moments with juliet in there – who is getting more and more interested in the ways i take care of her and myself. she loves to use all the same tools as mom and also wants to apply all my kiehl’s goodies on her skin – luckily a lot of them are without parabens or other nasties, so they’re entirely safe for her to dab onto her knees (her favorite place to apply eye cream… go figure.)

looking back at these photos i miss it all so much – so is it too early to start planning next spring’s holiday?

juliet is wearing MINIMALISMA in all the photos • my white knitted poncho is from PLUTO ON THE MOON • hair brush from DELPHIN & EMERENCE, wood tooth brushes from HUMBLEBRUSH • most of the beauty products seen are from KIEHL’S, but do check out PHYTOSUN‘s essential oils and easyplug diffuser (it’s really so easy) and WATER WIPES (so handy – not just for your little one, but because it only holds water it’s also perfect to use on your own face or hands when you need to refresh them) • all photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey

Let’s Talk About Coats

November 25, 2014 • Style

putting together the perfect capsule wardrobe during this season, meant that coats were at the very top of my list of items to research and secure. after putting together moodboards that gave me an insight as to which STYLES and COLORS i should remain true to, determining which coats to add to my wardrobe was actually the easiest part of this entire project so far. (ridding my closet of all the coats i only wear once a year will be a different task, but more on detoxing your current wardrobe later.)

first of all, i needed to take into account the unique styling challenges caused by my pregnancy, without letting them interfere with my personal – and ideally timeless – style. turns out there is no better time to be pregnant during winter than now, because capes are EVERYWHERE. i’ve always liked this style, but never actually went for it because it seemed like a frivolous trend. but now that i looked at it more closely, i’m convinced that a cape coat can be just as much a classic as any other style. especially when you find a design like THIS ONE FROM VINCE. granted, it’s not a steal – but my intention is not to wear the cape for one season either. on average, i use a coat for six winters in a row. perhaps each year a little less intensely than the year before, but still. when the quality is good (and in my experience, you usually get what you pay for) and the style is ageless, you might even like to hold on to it for future generations. for now though, i can’t even put to words how happy this one’s deep blue color and beautiful detailing makes me, every single time i wear it.

there was a time when every coat i bought had to be black – it was the most practical and sensible color for my style and budget at the time. but now i like to stray from the dark hues in favor of an interesting color. as i showed you in my moodboards, i’m a huge fan of dark navy (the best alternative to black if you’re just starting to experiment) and shades of dark green. when i laid my eyes on this olive green DUVETICA down jacket, i knew it would be perfect for my weekend wardrobe. the style is more relaxed and casual, and it’s about the warmest coat i’ve ever owned, so it’s perfect for walks around christmas markets or in the snow. i really like the combination of fabrics, too – the fluffy collar, the sleeves in wool and the typical down jacket material. i like it best in combination with an all black outfit underneath, but the green works well with denim, blue and grey colors as well. in short, it’s much more multi-functional than i had expected. the only downside? in a few more weeks i’ll have to leave this one hanging in the closet for a while, as i won’t be able to close it over my baby bump anymore. but i’m pretty sure i’ll still be this excited about it next fall, when i can take it out for the new season.

the last addition to my wardrobe is a bit less well-equipped to deal with the cold, but it’s a life saver when headed out into the rain. i’ll admit i was a fan of RAINS‘ branding and styling before i even tried on one of their designs. the scandinavian company makes affordable rain coats in all kinds of interesting colors and shapes, and it just has that inherent danish cool. but it wasn’t until i wore my beige version during a summer downpour in berlin, that i truly appreciated the value of it. leave it to the scandinavions to lure you in with style, and then win your heart forever with perfect practicality. every little detail in this coat is designed to protect you from even the worst monsoon. from the cap on the hood to the lasered zippers. i walked from my hotel to the subway station in the worst rain i’ve ever experienced, but only my all stars got soaked – the rest of me was utterly and completely dry. take that, burberry…

wearing CHANEL boots, J.BRAND maternity jeans and the BILLION DOLLAR BABES june multitop underneath these beautiful coats. for your information – VINCE, DUVETICA and DUVETICA kindly donated these coats to my CAPSULE WARDROBE PROJECT. however, they only did so after i selected and loved them. as usual all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.
photos by matthias rabaey


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