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Lunch At Lido In Miami

December 28, 2014 • MiamiTravel

to kick off a series of posts about miami, i’d like to look back on the wonderful lunch we had at LIDO in miami. part of THE STANDARD HOTEL in miami beach, lido has all the little quirky touches you’d expect. colorful and bright textiles, lots of green and nice design chairs. my favorite, however, is the mindblowing bar in grey marble. i think i took at least twenty snapshots of that alone.

we had a simple lunch here, with a beautiful view on the bay and lots of interesting-looking people milling about. we had fun watching them strut around like peacocks – as people tend to do in the standard’s surroundings. if you like that sort of thing, you could rent a bed on their little private beach and make use of their swimming pool. we just hung out in their hammocks for a little while before we resumed exploring the area. all in all this was a nice place to take a little break from walking around the city, and in true the standard style there’s lots to do and shop in the lobby of the hotel, too.

photos by stephanie duval first published in the CONNECTIONS miami guide. check it out HERE to discover more of my tips.


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