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August 29, 2015 • Food and Drink

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my love affair with VEUVE CLICQUOT started a long time ago – it’s been my favorite brand of champagne since as long as i’ve been into champagne at all. but things got really serious between us when it happened to be the only champagne served at the palm springs ace hotel around the time when my now-husband proposed to me there. ever since that moment, whenever we have something to celebrate we open up a bottle.

around last new year’s the famous champagne house reached out to me to offer me a magnum bottle of bubbly to celebrate with friends. even though i was pregnant at the time, i admit to having sipped from matthias’ glass – it’s just not a party without a glass of champagne, right? i have so many happy memories of clinking glasses with loved ones. at weddings, bachelorette weekends, when i got the news of my book deal coming through, the night before we left on our honeymoon… but perhaps my favorite memories are of those moments when we felt happy, just because. and that alone is reason enough to celebrate.

this summer, veuve clicquot generously sent me a couple of bottles of their iconic champagne, and also offered me the opportunity to try their newest blend – clicquot rich. it’s meant to be drunk with lots of ice and some kind of aromatic ingredient – our favorite is to add a few zests of grapefruit. it’s delicious, and it has quickly become our favorite apéritif for warm summer evenings. i strongly recommend giving it a try.

after all, it is the weekend… cheers!

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