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February 23, 2016 • Kids

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thank you guys so much for the lovely comments you left underneath my previous post and for taking the time to send me an email or to let me know in any other way what you were thinking. it means a lot to me.

meanwhile, it feels like i blinked and six weeks flew by – i definitely didn’t think it would take me so long to get back here. so much has been happening lately, i don’t even know where to begin to catch up! so i decided to scroll through MY INSTAGRAM FEED to remember the moments that i fleetingly captured there, but that deserve a little more explanation or attention right here. and that, my friends, is how you end up with a series of photos of a christmas present for your viewing pleasure at the end of february…

seriously though, as far as holiday gifts go, this one was pretty special. meant for juliet, it was actually me who squealed with delight unwrapping it. the first time i heard about PEEK AND PACK was right before juliet was born. they reached out to me and asked if they could send me a little surprise. honestly, i sort of forgot about it while i was at the hospital, and then left the package lying around for a while when i got home. in hindsight, it’s pretty obvious i suffered a mild form of ppd, but at the time i didn’t know why i couldn’t be happier with our beautiful little baby. it seemed like there were so many more challenges and ordeals than there were happy moments and smiles. every now and then though, the grey clouds would part just enough to let through a sliver of sunlight, and i distinctly remember this package being one of them. it was just so thoughtful and beautifully wrapped, such a surprisingly sweet and considerate gesture from people i barely knew. it touched me, and i still treasure the contents of that first surprise pack of ‘peeks.’

obviously, the second time around i didn’t let one second go to waste once the package arrived, and surely enough, it was just as cute and beautiful. i had fallen in love with the beautiful grampa creatures before, but i gotta admit LUCIEN THE CRAB quickly became my new favorite. and by ‘my’, of course i mean to say ‘juliet’s’ (busted?) the MINI GHOST from woouf was a lovely surprise and it travels between juliet’s crib and nighttime-feeds-chair. i sorta want to kidnap it to the living room though, because it’s so pretty. but apart from the obviously lovely contents of each package of ‘peeks’, i love the way everything is presented so, so much. if ever you need to send a friend a thoughtful gift and you want to make a lasting impression – leave it all to these kind folks.

speaking of which – when peek and pack founders susana and carlos asked me to share my favorite items from their webshop in the first edition of their magazine, i was beyond honored and of course happy to do so. the magazine turned out beautiful, and i especially love the fun illustration they had made of my portrait, you can check it out for yourself RIGHT HERE (my interview’s on page 17!)

photos by stephanie duval


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