Wouters & Hendrix In Antwerp

February 22, 2015 • AntwerpStyleTravel

remember how belgian jewelry label WOUTERS & HENDRIX recently celebrated their 30TH BIRTHDAY? well they certainly haven’t been slacking since. on the contrary, they recently moved to a gorgeous new boutique in antwerp. i was first alerted of the news many months ago, but spending so little time in antwerp lately, it completely slipped my mind. until i was browsing the history of the FEELING FEEL.IT app for my fourth and last hot spot discovery via their app, and i stumbled across the mention of the new wouters & hendrix shop.

of course i needed to go check it out for myself, and though he store was positively packed on the particular friday morning i passed by, i managed to get some lovely snapshots of the beautiful black, white and gold interior. hard to say what i loved more – the glittering and glamorous goodies on display, or the beautiful interior on its own. i love the balance between the twenties vibe of the brass and the sleek white cupboards against the wall. there’s a seating area in the back as well, where i watched a guy excitedly pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend – lucky lady.

this post is a collaboration with FEELING FEEL.IT – of course all my opinions are my own. check out my other discoveries via the app HERE, HERE and HERE.
photos by stephanie duval

Happy Birthday Wouters & Hendrix

September 15, 2014 • Style

the first ever piece of jewelry my then-boyfriend-now-husband got me, was a dainty necklace from WOUTERS & HENDRIX. it had three strands, and from each dangled a differently shaped mother of pearl flower. i think he gave it to me for my 18th birthday, and we went to the boutique in antwerp together to pick it out. i loved it so, so much and wore it for many years. i still keep it in a silver jewelry box filled with items that have precious memories attached to them.

that was over eleven years ago – oh boy – and wouters & hendrix has always remained one of my favorite belgian brands. i love that it is still designed by the same two women who started the label 30 years ago, so when the brand asked me if i wanted to celebrate that 30th birthday with them, of course i said yes. from all of their collections, i got to pick out one item that best represents my style. though i love how special their seasonal collections are, i went straight for the timeless ‘my favorites’ collection, which once also held my 18th birthday present.

as you may have noticed around this blog, i like my jewelry with a heavy dose of emotional bagage. i’m not one to tap into the latest trend and suddenly go chunky or gold when all i’ve ever worn has been simple and silver. the ‘amour’ necklace checks off all my boxes – it’s elegant, it’s typographic, it’s sweet and romantic. wearing it shows people around me where my priorities in life lie, and i love that. rather than outright compliments, the necklace elicits subtle glances and smiles of those who understand, and i love that even more.

to celebrate the special event in their history, wouters & hendrix designed five TIME CAPSULES and commissioned spectacular 3d movies from frederik heyman – all of which you can view on their WEBSITE.


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