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You + Me

November 2, 2015 • Style

Stephanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti Stephanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti Stephanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti Stephanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti Stephanie Duval for Diamanti Per Tutti

i can’t believe it’s been a month since my new collection for DIAMANTI PER TUTTI came out and i still hadn’t shared it on here. i’ve been busy traveling back and forth between belgium and switzerland, and i admit it used to be a whole lot easier (not to mention efficient and fast) without a little one in tow. she makes my life more beautiful though, and i much prefer the hassle of traveling with her than leaving her behind even for a few days…

for the longest time, i couldn’t imagine myself having kids, ever. there was just so much i wanted to do and see, and i imagined having kids would come between me and my life goals. i never fathomed that having a kid could actually be one of them. even though my husband and i made a conscious decision to start trying for a baby after getting married, it took most part of my pregnancy to wrap my head around the idea of her becoming ‘real.’ it was a very weird experience, and one that continued well into the first few months of juliet’s life. the idea of having someone rely on you for everything, let’s all agree it’s enough to freak out a little, am i right? but then gradually, i started loving that idea. during my pregnancy, i started longing for it to finally happen. i wish i could say that from the moment i found out i was pregnant, i felt ready. but the truth is it took me a while. on the other hand, i could never have predicted how deeply i would be moved by all of it.

when i had the opportunity of designing a second capsule collection for DIAMANTI PER TUTTI, i was already pregnant and i knew right away this brand new feeling would be my source of inspiration. i rarely, if ever, wear jewelry that has no symbolic meaning to me – so when designing a collection, i always start from a very personal place. as my first collection was based on my moodboard for our wedding, centering the second one around our new family member felt natural and very special. i used one of my favorite geometric shapes – the plus sign – as a symbol for that feeling of never being truly alone again. the plus sign is also a perfect swiss cross, which for obvious reasons is an added bonus for me. but i wanted to design something that could be open to interpretation, so that it can take on a meaning that is special to its wearer. i loved seeing belgian blogger nathalie from YAYZINE post her ring ON INSTAGRAM with a message of positivity, for example.

you can discover the entire collection RIGHT HERE, or in the pictures above taken by the talented ELINE ROS. i’m super curious to hear what you think, and to find out if you have any jewelry that symbolizes a special person or event in your life?


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