two years ago, the largest part of my job consisted out of conceptualizing an offline interior decoration inspiration platform. you can click HERE and HERE to read about the details, but if you want the short version – it was basically a walkable version of pinterest for interior design fans. it was a huge project with a lot of challenges, but the fun part was immensely gratifying – seeing my favorite pinterest moodboards come to life. we shut down the project after two years for various reasons, and my only regret is that i was not able to translate my laundry room pinterest board to reality.

before you think i am some sort of closeted housewife (just ask my husband to confirm that i am most definitely not), you should know that i could survive on potato chips and gazpacho for months, but my brain can’t deal – i repeat, can not deal – with any kind of messy situation. if i feel like i have messed up my notes, i will crumple up the paper and start on a fresh sheet. if i have too many things going on in my head, i need to sit down for a couple of hours and pour everything into neat little lists so that i can feel in control again. similarly, i am forever and always working on ‘organization projects’ throughout the house. forever buying baskets and boxes and filing trays and folders and bins and bags to give each and every little object a designated place. i can handle it when juliet’s toys have exploded all over the living room – and with ‘handle it’ i mean ‘ignore and straight out deny the situation’ – for a couple of hours, before i break and proceed to sort through all the piles until every little lego, every single pencil, every last cuddle is returned to its place of origin.

that’s a long ass introduction to talk about a clothing rack, but i’m getting there. there’s honestly nothing that makes me feel as safe and content as seeing our possessions neatly put away or on display – depending on the things. i can feel some of you think ‘that girl needs help though’, but i don’t think that it’s such an unusual thought when it comes to tableware or toys. but you guys – getting your laundry situation sorted takes it to a whole other level. i don’t actually dislike doing laundry (mind you, i am NOT talking about ironing), but it never sparked any particular joy in me either. i always had this nagging feeling that if i could just have a pretty laundry room with nice baskets and a cool drying rack and all sorts of little shelves to put dried bunches of eucalyptus – that it would make doing laundry my favorite part of the week.

we have yet to move into a house where i can actually claim a room for this purpose, but my discovery of the brand new BRABANTIA LINN collection is a giant leap in the right direction. in true brabantia style, it’s a clothing rack with a very basic yet sleek design, that is actually the most multifunctional thing you’ve ever seen. to introduce their new product, the brand challenged me and a bunch of other design enthusiasts to imagine different uses and different places in our homes for it, and it has unwittingly created a major dilemma in our household. you see – i love the clothing rack as a place to dry freshly washed clothes in our guest bedroom, where it can also double as a neat little space for our guests to put their luggage. it actually makes our guestroom feel more like a hotel room, in a good way. but i also really, really love it in our bedroom, as a place to put my favorite outfits du jour on display. so what do i do now?

help me decide on a final purpose for my brabantia linn clothing/drying rack, and maybe win one for yourself? let me know in the comments which place or use you prefer for my version, and where you would put your own in your home. for an extra shot, go follow my INSTAGRAM, find and like the post with the brabantia linn rack, and tag your most marie-kondo-esque friend in the comments so that they, too, can get ideas on how to create order in their laundry chaos.

photos by stephanie duval • post in collaboration with BRABANTIA • clothes from my favorite MARGARETA

last weekend was one for the memory books. my friend MARTA and i had been trying to get our families together for a cozy brunch or lunch since a few months, but our calendars never seemed to line up. we finally booked a date several weeks in advance – a saturday in october it would be. as the weather stayed nice for so long, we decided it would be the perfect time to do a joint photo session, too. there are never enough opportunities to get some beautiful family portraits, right?

so last saturday we were en route to our lunch and shoot location in the gorgeous countryside close to geneva, when i started smelling trouble from the back seat about twenty minutes into the drive. we figured we’d wait to change eloise’s diaper until we arrived at the restaurant, thinking nothing much more of it. but when another twenty minutes later i opened the car door and lifted eloise out of her car seat, a million thoughts started running through my head – the loudest one being ‘why for the love of god do i never pack a change of clothes for this baby?’ i’ll spare you my other thoughts. her diaper’s contents had exploded all over her beautiful onesie, pants and socks, and i had brought absolutely nothing else for her to wear. we panicked and almost turned the car straight around to head back home and cancel all plans, until we realized that shit indeed does happen in life and it’s way better to just roll with the punches.

so instead of having our lovely photo shoot i packed eloise into her super warm sleeping bag and tucked her under a blanket in the stroller, and we all enjoyed a little walk before enjoying a lovely lunch together. eloise slept through the entire thing. i guess marta and i had also romanticized the idea of being able to carry an actual conversation with so many kids at the table, but hey – it still counts as spending quality time together. afterwards we all drove back to our place in begnins to change eloise into a new outfit and have some coffee and cake, and then we went out for another little walk in our neighborhood. not even five minutes from our home, and of course we ended up taking the most gorgeous photos there. that’s #reallife for you.

the kids had fun picking some of the last left over grapes from the vines, while marta and i got completely snap happy and freaked out about the perfect light and the gorgeous fall colors. our husbands must have rolled their eyes a few times but they were polite enough to let us carry on, even posing for some family photos. keep the momtographers happy, and everyone gets to be happy, right? also – can we talk about these beautiful fall outfits? i am practically living in that red dress i found at MARGARETA, and all the kids are dressed (nearly head to toe) in things we found at STADTLANDKIND, both marta’s and my favorite swiss children’s web shop.

photos by stephanie duval and marta villacampa • my dress is from MARGARETA, all the kids are dressed in STADTLANDKIND outfits • théo’s SWEATER, inès’ DRESS and T-SHIRT, eloise’s CARDIGAN, ROMPER and PANTS, juliet’s DRESS, SNEAKERS, SCARF and POM POM SWEATER


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