Holidays Are Coming

November 30, 2019 • Home Decor

it’s almost december and for me this feels like the actual beginning of winter. it somehow always boggles my mind that the lead up to the holidays is still technically fall, while it already feels so winter-y. this year i’m trying to get into the christmas spirit a little more gradually than usual. i’ve been into natural colors and more subdued holiday decorations for a few years now, and that helps make the transition from fall to holiday season more organic. does any of this make sense to anyone, or am i majorly overthinking things?

in any case, i didn’t come online just to ramble about seasonal technicalities – i also wanted to show off my new vase, designed by CECILIE MANZ for FRITZ HANSEN. it’s such a beautiful ceramic design, that looks just as gorgeous without flowers as a decorative object, as it does as a statement piece in the center of the table. and that is just as well, as my cupboards are currently overflowing, so i actually don’t have any choice but to leave this one out in the open permanently.

i found a nice place for it on our kitchen counter behind the coffee machine, and it makes decorating the rest of this space so much easier. i just added a few white pumkins and anything that i came across in our home that i thought might pair well with the colors, and i really like the end result. of course i had to throw in a few glittery christmas trees because i couldn’t possibly swear off all kitsch forever now could i? but admittedly, combining them with these rustic shapes and colors makes them feel less garish and more homely than if i had gone all out with red, white and green like i used to do. when december is a little more underway and we have set up our christmas tree, i think i’ll switch out the dried flowers for eucalyptus and pine branches to get a little more green in there.

on a semi-related note, this time of year is my absolute favorite. like with anything i really enjoy, the build up to the actual experience is often at least as much fun as the event itself. to me, ‘the holidays’ are actually more about the weeks leading up to them than the actual festivities. i love the weekends visiting christmas markets (our favorite is NOEL AUX BASTIONS in geneva) and going to the christmas tree farm to reserve our tree, our annual date night going late night gift shopping in the city center, ordering the girls their custom christmas ornaments (building them a collection for them to take when they’ll leave the house)… this year we’ve resolved to make smores happen and we’ve put our advent calendar in place for the third year in a row – one of my absolute favorite family traditions with the girls!

are you a holiday fan or can’t spring be here soon enough for you? what are your favorite times of year? and also, how many VASES is too many vases for one household (asking for a friend)?

photos by stephanie duval • CECILIE MANZ VASE kindly gifted by MISTER DESIGN

Golden Details, Fall Vibes

October 31, 2019 • Home Decor

do you remember what it felt like first moving into a new home? were you like me – obsessing over every detail, trying to make every space look and feel as ‘lived in’ as possible right from the start? it doesn’t work that way of course – that true sense of ‘home’ needs to grow, as you learn more about a space you realize you need different things than you thought, and stuff that bothered you before stops bothering you after a while. and no matter how hard you try – you never ‘finish’ a new home. there will always be that one little detail you never took care of. a frame still leaning against the wall, waiting for someone to finally drill a hole in the wall and put it up? yeah, after five years you realize that’s not happening. or maybe it’s a light fixture you still need to go out and look for, to replace that stupid bulb hanging from a hole in your ceiling? yeah, that was us. did you know there is even a word to describe the ‘blindness’ you create to little details like that after living in a home for a while? i remember having read it somewhere, in a very clever essay in an anthology about interiors or homes. but i can’t for the life of me remember which book it was, and so i can’t even tell you which word. but you definitely recognize the feeling. right? (this is where you leave a comment to make sure i don’t feel like the only slacker in the world).

yet today i am so proud to say that i finally – after having lived here for five years – took care of that awkwardly hanging light bulb. after a friend remarked that it was not my style to let such a detail go unnoticed, i finally started browsing for DESIGN LAMPS and landed on the perfect one: the COLLECT SOCKET HIGH HANGLAMP designed by TRINE ANDERSEN. i knew i could size the cable to perfectly fit the awkwardly low height of our ceilings. most hanging lamps are way too long and hang too low for this area, which is not above a table but right in the middle of our living room where people actually walk through. add to that we’re both pretty tall adults, and you can imagine the head-bumping scenarios. so, this lamp was absolutely perfect in that respect.

but it was even more perfect in another way, thanks to the brass material, it blends into our living area so well. seamlessly, i’d say, if that didn’t imply that it becomes nearly invisible. i like how this lamp is very subtle, but it is decidedly beautiful in its own right. you may not notice it right away, but when you do, you realize it just ‘fits’. especially during this season, when i simply can’t have enough of the brass and messing details around. there’s something about the toned-down golden hue that just feels so cozy and festive – ideal for fall, but perhaps more importantly setting the right tone for the upcoming winter.

ok so now dish, please. what detail is still left unfinished in your home? what has been on your to-do list for so long, you don’t even notice it anymore? and i totally recommend tackling it this weekend – it gives such a ridiculous feeling of satisfaction to finally scratch that thing off your list!

photos by stephanie duval • FERM LIVING lamp kindly gifted by MISTER DESIGN


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