Bye 2016

January 20, 2017 • BabyCollabLife

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i’m not going to bore you with all the reasons why it’s been so quiet over here – instead i’ll dedicate my time and energy to getting this place back to life. because i miss sharing my stories on here, and i miss hearing back from you. this blog has been a driving force behind much of my professional life, a way to connect with so many likeminded people and new friends, and a logbook for some of my favorite memories of all time. and i’d like to keep it exactly that. even if it means posting christmassy photos by the end of january or disappearing for weeks on end and then probably posting four different articles in one week. erratic or not, this place will remain a reflection of my life, and i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking around as long as you have.

so i might be royally late in the holiday inspiration department, but it’s never too late to share photos of moments you’ll treasure forever, is it? last fall, my life in switzerland got a highly necessary injection of creativity and friendship. i had already started hanging out with my new friend NIENKE (she’s a talented interior designer, globe trotting supermom and gorgeous dutchie) – who i met through instagram but turned out to live exactly two streets away from me, how crazy is that? but then we met MARTA (she’s a whip smart university professor, gifted photographer and spanish beauty) and when we got together all three of us, something clicked. i can’t tell you how happy i am to have these two generous, kind, funny, smart and creative women in my life – and so close by! – right now. we have so many plans in store that i can’t wait to tell you more about.

but first things first – when i heard marta was looking to do more family photo sessions and expand her photography business in switzerland, i was so excited to have her come over and photograph juliet and i. marta brought along her beautiful baby boy théo, nienke brought some beautiful decorations, and the five of us had a wonderful time together – almost forgetting at times that we were there to take photos and not just laugh our asses of or ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over théo’s overall adorableness.

i am going to share more photos of our session (and i’ve already shared quite a few over on my INSTAGRAM) but i wanted to start with these shots around our christmas tree. because yes, i already miss the holiday season and yes, i am already counting down to decorating our next christmas tree. as this year was the first time juliet could really begin to understand the magic of it all, it seems to have become even more of a special thing for me now than it was before. i am reliving all of my wonderful childhood memories through her eyes, and i am loving creating new traditions with her.

in any case – marta did such an amazing job of capturing our living room in its full christmas glory, and juliet in her prettiest little LIILU dress and bonnet. she had the most fun of us all – showing marta around, playing with nienke, and generally basking in all of the attention. i’ll tell you one thing though – never first teach your kid to NOT touch the christmas tree under any circumstance and then have her take out and put in candy canes just because it looks so adorable on the photo. those kinds of parenting techniques will come back to bite you in the ass.

juliet’s dress and bonnet by liilu • tights by marmar • slippers by easypeasy • my sweater and shirt by cks • christmas stockings from fabelab via • photos by marta villacampa

Juliet’s Little Room

November 27, 2016 • BabyInterior

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it’s still very much a work in progress, but i wanted to share a glimpse into juliet’s room as i am changing it to become a warmer and more colorful place. it’s been a year since i last showed SOME SNAPS FROM HER NURSERY and a lot has changed since then, but i do see it as a kind of natural development – not a complete overhaul. having started from a completely monochrome room, i gradually started adding more color (gimme all the pink) and started gravitating towards a mixture of textile accessories and fun, soft details.

earlier this year, i started putting together a moodboard to change up the vibe a little bit. you can see it HERE, but i think the pictures above are obvious enough! ever since i laid eyes on that golden canopy, i knew that was the key piece i wanted. i also wanted a new bed bumper as the one she had was pretty, but didn’t quite fit her toddler size crib (70x140cm instead of 60x120cm – seriously, it is SO hard to find a good bed bumper for that size). then i stumbled upon the beautiful webshop of LIDOR, and with a little help from lovely owner margriet, i started making some choices.

the golden, almost caramel-like, color helped blend the black-and-white base of her room with the pink details i already added. it somehow makes the pink look warmer, less girly and more earthy. jules the crocodile from GRAMPA also made its way from the living room into juliet’s room, and i added that lovely golden flower print from CAMOMILE LONDON in the black lounge chair to soften it up. that was probably the best advice margriet could have given me – try to repeat colors throughout the room, so that you don’t create an ‘island of color’ in one nook. i admit i strategically chose those two sweaters hanging on the ladder because their colors fit her room decor so well…

suddenly everything started coming together – i changed the white metal cabinet for an untreated wooden one, added some of my books, made a wreath with eucalyptus and decided to keep a bunch of fresh branches near her door to keep that amazing scent around and add an extra touch of green. i still need to hang a beautiful poster and frame some pictures, add a little table and chair, and i want to create a library nook somewhere to keep her favorite books within reach. all in due time… some of the things in the photos have been around since juliet was born, some are new additions. with the holidays in my mind, i decided to create a little guide to juliet’s style and i’ve added the links to my favorite shops below. let me know if i forgot to include anything!

colorful flags, golden canopy and bed bumper from numero 74 SHOP IT AT LIDOR.NL • lounge chair from hay SHOP IT AT MASTER MEUBEL • pink waffle blanket from ELODIE DETAILS • mustard crocodile pillow from GRAMPA • house pillow and floral print pillow in lounge chair and salmon pink pillow in bed from CAMOMILE LONDON • rocking horse from OOH NOO • pink pine cone print from PAPER COLLECTIVE • bed from oeuf nyc and rug from pile poil SHOP THEM AT KIDS LOVE DESIGN • net bag via COMPTOIR DES OBJETS • bunny cuddles from jellycat, gold sneakers from veja, deep pink cardigan from aymara, changing table from budtzbendix, giraffe soft toy from done by deer SHOP IT ALL AT HET LAND VAN OOIT • golden cardigan from MARMAR • juliet’s outfit from GRO • bordeaux storytelling blanket rolled up in basket and ghost rattle on shelves from FABELAB • pink polka dot bed bumper rolled up in basket from april showers • cat print mattress sheet from KIDWILD • duvet cover from konges sløjd SHOP IT AT KLEINES KARUSSELL • black polka dot shoes from MARUTI • white shelves from VIPP • custom made lightbox from jvbdesign • black and white type posters from PLAYTYPE • be your own kind of beautiful poster from I LOVE MY TYPE • camera soft toy from RICE BABY SHOP

photos by stephanie duval


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