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March 26, 2011 • Style






 i can’t believe i only just found out belgian designer elena vasilieva has a wonderful blog. it’s a mix of where she goes, what she sees and what she designs. i’d love to go by her atelier in brussels and pick up those leather pants – but i’m afraid since she makes everything by hand, they’ll probably be a little out of my price range. okay, so probably a lot, then. 

still, lovely images to look at.

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  1. well she always looks so mysterious. but her style is pretty diverse and a little bit edgy. you can feel the bohemian vibe combined with the city life.

  2. Couture says:

    Lovely pictures! I will check out her blog!

  3. Laura says:

    bedankt voor de tip!
    maar jouw blog is ook de moeite :)

  4. Little Rus says:

    I just published my interview with Elena on my blog. Have a look if you like.


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