Don’t Sweat It

March 25, 2011 • Inspiration

i honestly don’t think i’ve ever come across a video about fashion that was as uplifting and inspiring as this one by lina plioplyte for nowness. there are so many memorable quotes! my favorite was saved for last: “young woman, you’re gonna be an old woman some day. don’t worry about it. don’t sweat it. don’t worry about getting older. every era, it builds character.” oh, and ari seth cohen’s advanced style blog is a must read.
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  1. this is so true, still not completely ok with getting older (oh that sounded pretty superficial). but when i see this fabulous lady.. well i hope i will have a fashion collection as big as she has (a girl can dream), and i hope that i will wear my collection when i am in a home. watching TV on a very big screen wearing a chanel jacket.

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