everywhere i go i try to figure out what the best coffee places are way in advance, so i come prepared with a map of best-places-to-get-caffeinated. blue bottle scored the highest on my wishlist, so we ended up visiting two locations. this one is at the ferry building marketplace, conveniently located close to hog island oysters for a nice dessert after all the oysters we could eat. i loved their flat white, but the line was so excessively long here, i wouldn’t recommend this place. much better idea to head to the top floor of the incredible san francisco moma for your shot.

photos by stephanie duval 

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  1. yes I do agree! i have no idea why interesting coffee places have a lethal attraction on me!!! i love love love to have a fancy fabulous cup of coffee! am i a wannabe hipster now? ;)

  2. Steph says:

    oh kim, aren’t we all? :) no but seriously, now that i live in geneva, i appreciate a great cup of coffee even more – it’s nearly impossible to find a really good espresso around here, let alone the interesting roasts i’m so fond of at all of these cool coffee places. it’s not just about the vibe for me – the caffeine matters, too! :)

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