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i love berlin. quite simply put, it’s the best. i’m pretty excited to share some great places i’ve been to during my trip last summer, but for now i wanted to give you a glimpse of what i saw there last week. being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine has its perks – i went to berlin to take a look around at the trade shows. especially at capsule, seek and premium i saw some amazing stuff from brands i can’t wait to introduce to you. unfortunately, most of them cater only to men… for now. i may or may not have pestered all of them to start production on a women’s collection, like, stat.

1 fantastic vintage décor at capsule by / 2 one of my absolute faves cuisse de grenouille / 3 bonanza coffee at capsule the. best. / 4 heritage inspiration for british brand guild of labor / 5 proudly wearing my macon et lesquoy geek badge (on a soeur blazer, with a le mont st. michel sweater and madewell shirt) / 6 the scented candles by rpl smelled delicious / 7 gotta love zoe karssen for coming up with the best sweatshirts / 8 loved the natural leather bags by pb 0110 / 9 the collab between handsome coffee (which i’ve written about before here) and 3sixteen got me real excited (as did the stool by wood and faulk!)

photos by stephanie duval 

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