last week i had the honor and the pleasure of co-organising another intimate blogger dinner for bordeaux wines, hosted by the ladies behind brussel’s kitchen. chloé and sarah were as lovely, clever and pretty as i had expected, and in the cosy warmth of chloé’s rad vintage-design-filled living room they treated us to a four-course dinner inspired by their favorite chefs.

each course was accompanied by a selection of bordeaux wines in different varieties of pairings: a classic one, an original one and a truly surprising pairing. it was interesting to see how everyone present had different opinions of what a good wine should bring to the table, and it was a wonderful way of better getting to know dorothée of dorothy dancing, axelle of oh malice and reconnecting to diane of mi’dinettes.

it was a perfect way to spend a friday evening. we quickly lost track of time while debating everything from the business of blogging to our favorite restaurants around the world. i gotta tell ya – having dinner with food-obsessed and travel-crazy bloggers is the fastest way to create an endless ‘where to eat’ list.

these blogger dinners are so much fun for me to put together and attend – and they’re a great way to highlight the skills of the many talented foodies in our little country. do you remember the dinner from june, hosted by louise de brabandere of thursday dinners? if you’d like to learn more about bordeaux wines or the special blogger dinners i’m organising with them, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

photos by stephanie duval

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate it when people constantly take pictures of their food and have to instagram it. Get your phones away from dinner en just enjoy it. My friends and me never have our smartphones at the table when having dinner because it is quite asocial, not only towards your friends alsof towards the chef. Just enjoy your dinner, don’t let it get cold and appreciate life without smartphone.

  2. Steph says:

    dear anonymous commenter – i can assure you all of us very much enjoyed our food, and no feelings were hurt in the making of this blog post. luckily we have so much experience in instagram, dinner never even has a chance of getting cold before we’ve snapped and posted our pics.

    and i dare say that our chefs for the night were pretty pleased that all of us were enthusiastically sharing our joy over the amazing food and wines with our virtual circles. but by all means, don’t take my word for it – sarah and chloé do a pretty good job of describing the night themselves on their blog brussel’s kitchen:

    i do agree that no device should come between a real human connection, but i also couldn’t imagine a life without sharing anymore. i guess it’s all about finding a balance and taking into account who you are with at any given time. i hope if we ever meet in real life you won’t be so anonymous in voicing your opinions, so that i can make sure not to offend you with my digital habits.

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