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November 24, 2013 • Home Decor

when it comes to interior design, nobody does it better than the scandinavians. with a collection of furniture and accessories that is both sleek and cosy, modern and witty, danish brand hay has found its way into the heart of what seems like the entire blogging and pinterest community. and i’m no exception to that.

whenever i come across some fun knick-knack or affordable home accessory, surely enough i look to see who makes it and it turns out to be hay. so obviously i couldn’t let the opening of their first belgian flagship store – in my home town antwerp, no less – go by unnoticed. i teamed up with the charming maxime heirbaut, creative director of heisme studio and one of the guys behind the antwerp hay store, to curate my ideal hay work place. if you want to go see my dream desk in real life, head over to the hay store in antwerp at ijzerenwaag 12 until december 1. it’s such a beautiful store, you seriously won’t regret it.

as a blogger and journalist i travel a lot, but the other half of the time i can be found sitting behind my desk, staring at my computer screen. so i think it’s important for a work space to be both functional and inspiring, efficient and comfortable. i love to pick out little things to decorate my immediate surroundings, and i’m pretty obsessed with beautiful office supplies. in my opinion, hay produces some of the prettiest chairs around, and i’ve really taken a liking to this desk from their recent ‘copenhagen’ collection. it’s probably a bit too narrow to fit my laptop and screen, but what i’d give for an extra space like this in my house to just sit and write!

i picked out some cute note books to jot down inspiration // little boxes are great to store the essentials that don’t look so pretty out of sight // i am crazy about carrare marble, so any object in that material gets my full support // post its usually don’t look as glamorous as they do in the world of hay, but why should you go for anything less? // having plants around always brightens up the room, and i really believe it helps you feel better when you’re having a rough day // candles have the same effect on me during winter // a cosy throw makes me feel more relaxed – and keeps me warm!

i really wish i could just beam up this work space to geneva – that’d be something. but i was a lucky girl and got to take my favorite item home to style it in a few different ways. for now i’ll let you guess which item i chose, but expect to see it pop up here and on my instagram pretty soon!

what i was wearing – j. brand kindly gifted me this sweater // the filippa k blazer is from last summer (find something similar here) // cashmere scarf by club monaco (similar here or here) // madewell skinny skinny ponte pants // chanel boots

photos by maxime heirbaut

5 Responses

  1. sofie says:

    ben er gisteren toevallig met mijn mama gepasseerd, ze vond het erg mooi gestyled (ik ook trouwens :)

  2. Pebblyn says:

    I’m thinking you took the blanket home. I would have ;-)

  3. Pascale says:

    Daar ga ik eens langsgaan! Leuke winkel en mooie foto´s!

  4. I love everything from HAY. They just seem to do everything right!

    P.s.Your blog is amazing. I’ve put you on my blogroll!

  5. Steph says:

    @sofie oh leuk! merci :)

    @pebblyn nope, not it :)

    @pascale bedankt, en ja, zeker een bezoekje waard!

    @dagny thanks so much love!

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