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i remember when i first came across sooishi granola – it was in paris, the first time i visited the broken arm. i noticed the packaging first, that it was granola second, and then – to my surprise – i discovered that it was swiss-made. it’s a very strange feeling when all of a sudden you’re in paris, feeling proud of a swiss company for making it there, and then realizing you’re still very much belgian, actually. oh well.

in any case i knew that i had to talk to you guys about sooishi, because i love its branding and it is honestly some of the best granola i’ve ever tasted. if you’ve tried the recipe from louise de brabandere that i shared in one of my vipp breakfast club posts, you know what my favorite ‘make it at home’ recipe is. but these sooishi flavors? they’re something else.

i think my favorite is matcha, with its green tea and pistachios. though kinako tastes super good, too, with its combination of cashew nuts and peanuts. choco is perhaps the most traditional of the bunch, with pecans and chocolate. but all three of them have amazing texture thanks to an incredible mix of puffed rice, nuts and seeds. needless to say, there are no checmical additives – just the perfect amount of olive oil, cane sugar, maple syrup and salt.

here’s what you see – the marble chop block from the hay antwerp flagship store // napkins from fog linen work // japanese tea cup i brought home from san francisco’s japantown // bamboo cutting board from interio // and, of course, sooishi granola

photos by stephanie duval

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