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March 27, 2014 • Life

you guys, i promise this is the last wedding post – p r o m i s e. there were just a few more things that made our day feel special, and that i wanted to share with you. early last year, i met xavier – a wonderful swiss guy and the founder and owner of TATTYOO. his company designs temporary tattoos for adults and kids, and they also offer a rad custom service so that you can design (or have xavier design) your own, personal tattoos.

he offered me the chance to do just that for our wedding, and i took it with both hands. inspired by my recent collab with diamanti per tutti, i played around with geometric heart shapes, different textures and experimented with pencils and pens, stamping little triangles and drawing tiny dots. i added our two hashtags to the tattoo – #bestdayever and #stephandmatti, just in case our guests wanted to flaunt their geek flag (and they did!)

as much fun as i had designing the tattoos and seeing them in real life – i squealed when i opened the box – i could never have predicted the fun we’d have with them at the wedding. as i showed you before, we had a photobooth corner with an instax camera, and we placed a basket with the tattoos nearby. in the hours leading up to the ceremony and during the drinks afterwards, guests were flocking to that corner and having fun with it all. i really liked the idea of the tattoos staying on for a few more days after the weekend – like it didn’t have to end just yet.

the last picture is of the napkins we used during cocktail hour and at the welcome dinner. unfortunately we didn’t get a good picture of them at the wedding, but i saved some (you can totally tell i’m the kind of person that keeps boxes full of souvenirs like this, right?) if you’re about to get married, i recommend having a kind of logo that you can plaster onto everything. it makes even the most ordinary things feel special. the napkins were provided by RENOVA, which offers the customization of their napkins as a super simple online service (and with free shipping worldwide!)

sigh. it makes me kinda sad that this was the last thing i could share about the wedding. it’s funny how nostalgic i already get thinking back of six months ago. many of my friends are getting hitched this year though, so i’m reliving all those beautiful moments via them. and some of my favorite bloggers are preparing for their weddings, too (check out cassie’s amazing handmade wedding lighting and breanna’s beautiful save the dates). tell me, are any of you engaged right now? i’d love to hear all about your plans!

and if you’re interested in wedding-y stuff, check out the other posts about our wedding last september // the one where rubi jones taught me to braid my hair // the one about our wedding branding // the one with all the little details // the one where we said i do // the one in which it rained and we still posed for pictures // the one about the welcome dinner // the one with the tour of our wedding hotel // can you tell i’ve been watching ALL the friends episodes?

photos by stephanie duval // many thanks to TATTYOO for the custom temporary tattoos and RENOVA for the customized napkins

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