The Wedding // Rubi Jones

March 13, 2014 • LifeStyle

i was totally lying before when i said i was only going to write one more wedding post. oops! i still owe you a closer look at our wedding tattoos and other little things we did to ‘brand’ our wedding, but then i came across these snapshots from last year and i really wanted to share them, too.

perhaps you recognized her, but yeah, that’s RUBI JONES you see in these photos with me. they were taken in her gorgeous parisian apartment, which she has since left behind for new adventures back in new york. i was so happy she could take some time out of her busy schedule (on a sunday, no less) to teach me how to braid my hair and make it look like a million dollars. it was such a fun experience – rubi is even prettier and kinder and more petite in real life than on her BLOG and IG FEED, and her cute dog cleo is a real firecracker.

rubi cut my hair and taught me how to do a fishtail sidebraid, though at the wedding i ended up being too nervous to do it myself. i called in some help from one of my favorite people – the girl i used to babysit when i was fifteen, who was now almost fifteen herself (forget birthdays, stuff like THAT makes me feel old!) did an amazing job doing my hair. it was a precious moment and a wonderful memory that i wouldn’t have wanted to miss. and so i’m waiting until the next opportunity presents itself to rubi-fy my hair and knock ’em dead. luckily ALL of my friends are getting married this year, so there will plenty of braiding.

on a side note – we didn’t really take pictures of the apartment, but you can sorta make out how awesome it looked, right? and it was just. so. bright. i would do a lot of morally questionable stuff to live in a place like that.

photos by matthias rabaey

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