today is the opening of the LEVIS AMBIANCE HOUSE in brussels. for those of you who aren’t familiar with levis – it’s a belgian company that has been making interior paint since 1831. i dare you to find a house in belgium that hasn’t at least one wall covered in levis, but what i’ve personally always loved about the brand is that they have never been afraid to push the envelope. they are almost like a fashion label, releasing new collections of modern colors all the time.

that’s why it makes total sense for them to collaborate with actual fashion designers, who expand their vision from clothes to interior design through personal capsule collections of paint. after stints by christophe coppens and veronique branquinho, the latest belgian designer to be tapped by the interior brand is bruno pieters. i’ve always admired his minimalistic aesthetic, and if his eco-friendly label HONEST BY wouldn’t be so prohibitively expensive, i’d have all of it hanging in my closet. the images above show bruno pieters’ four colors for levis – bed time, morning, stillness and bliss. even the names exude timeless class.

so back to my original point – to celebrate the launch of their bruno pieters collection and four other new color palettes, levis is opening their temporary LEVIS AMBIANCE HOUSE in brussels. it’s a space devoted to experience and expression, where you can drop in until may 31 to get inspired by beautiful room sets, listen to talks by style experts, enjoy a cup of coffee in the vascobello coffee bar or get some work done in the inspiring environment of the creative co-working hub.

but that’s not all. since levis and i share a special interest in self-expression and interior design, they have asked me to give a workshop about creative blogging at the levis ambiance house on saturday april 12 from 2 to 4 pm. i will be talking about how you can use your blog to develop your skills and interests, and how it can grow from a hobby into so much more. the workshop is limited to 15 participants, but the good news is – all you have to do to score a ticket is SEND ME AN EMAIL with a bit of information about yourself (who you are, what you do, where and why you blog, why you want to attend the workshop). all entries will be thrown in a hat from which 15 names will be drawn out next week on wednesday.

i’m looking forward to meeting some new faces on april 12 – so SHOOT ME THAT EMAIL right now! all participants have been notified via email.

photos by LEVIS

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