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June 12, 2014 • Style

i hope you’re enjoying the style story i’ve been creating with FRANCIS FERENT these past few months, because i still have some nice things to share. this week i’d love to introduce you to my favorite places near their shop in knokke, just like i did with PARLOR COFFEE and SENTEURS D’AILLEURS close to the boutique on avenue louis.

this wouldn’t be my blog if i didn’t start with coffee, right? in my opinion, knokke could really use a few more places to grab an excellent cortado or espresso. for all the hip places that have opened up in recent years, there hasn’t really been much exciting news for the caffeine-loving crowd. so when in need of a cup of coffee, i default to LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN.

granted, it’s not the most original of places and i’m usually not that partial to chains that look the same all around the world. but ever since moving to geneva and having the same lack of options for breakfast or coffee there, i’ve learned to appreciate le pain quotidien as a little haven of belgian comfort. it’s also very conveniently located right near a few of my favorite boutiques, such as francis ferent – of course – and lingerie boutique PENNY-LANE.

can we please talke about navy for a second here, too? because i think i’m kind of obsessed with that color. just like so many people who went to a catholic school and had to wear a uniform, i was repulsed by the sight of navy and white for the longest time after graduating high school. but then it started creeping back into my wardrobe, up to the point where i now own more items in navy than in any other color.

of course in school i could never wear anything that i loved as much as these particular items in the photos. i’m especially in love with the jacket/top combination, because the jacket’s cut nicely shows off the layers and pleats of the top. worn on black skinny pants, this has been my go-to outfit for meetings where i need to mean business but want to show a bit of fashion sense, too. remember the days when you weren’t supposed to mix black and navy? yeah, so happy we all moved past such nonsense.

what i was wearing while loading up on caffeine // VANESSA BRUNO jacket // THEORY top // 7 FOR ALL MANKIND jeans // A.P.C. x NIKE sneakers // CELINE tote // DIAMANTI PER TUTTI bracelets

photos by matthias rabaey // this post is in collaboration with FRANCIS FERENT, but all opinions are my own

16 Responses

  1. annebeth says:

    dat gifje is perffff en de foto’s zijn ook heel mooi, prachtig licht. Donkerblauw is een van mijn favoriete kleuren, basic maar ook heel rijk.

  2. lucinda says:

    i got excited just reading the title of this blog post. you’ve managed to make le pain quotidien look almost as cozy as an independant coffee shop with these photos. living where i do, i often have to settle for starbucks so i can sympathize with your plight, but sometimes you’ve got to embrace your limited options.
    oh and navy? totaly the new black. ;)

  3. Nathalie Van Hauwe says:

    hele mooie foto’s! xo

  4. Femke Leemans says:

    Dat jasje! <3

  5. Le Chat Noir says:

    You rock navy ;)

  6. Sarah says:

    beautiful top + blazer. though you look great in it, we have sort of the same complexion (dark eyes & hair + pale skin) and I never got to wear a uniform (so no emotional qualms about the colour), i’m not so sure about navy. i have some pieces in it, but i was planning not to buy that colour anymore and switch to black + greys completely as my basic colours. but now you got me thinking again. especially about combining it with black – i read about it everywhere but didn’t dare to try it yet. maybe i just should. plans for next week! :)

    • Stephanie Duval says:

      hi sarah! i totally get what you mean with the black and greys, and i SO love me those colors as well, but they tend to wash me out. in my experience, choosing the right hue of navy to match your skin tone is important. darker is not alway better, for pale skin, so i tend to pick out brighter version of the color – the jacket is a good example of that. definitely go out and try some stuff on in different shades of navy this weekend, it’ll be a fun experiment!

  7. Bethan says:

    Ah I had a navy and white school uniform and yes, it took a while to come back around to the colour but now I love it. In fact I’m wearing navy an white right now!

    • Stephanie Duval says:

      there you go! i have to admit though, i still can’t get myself to wear a white shirt with a navy sweater, or in combination with pleated skirts of any kind. that’s taking it a bridge too far into my high school memories :)

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