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June 16, 2014 • Home Decor

in a way, i feel like i never really grew up. when you are nine years old and you get excited at the sight of a fresh empty notebook, you might be a little nerdy, but in the big picture, you’re fiiine. when you’re twenty-nine, however… ah well. i can’t hide it, so i might as well flaunt it – i’m a huge office supply geek (devoted a pinterest moodboard to it right HERE), so when it comes to notebooks, pens, pencils and cards, hoarder doesn’t even begin to describe me. 

i have some favorites, of course. i must have stolen at least dozens of dollars worth of pencils from our stays at various ace hotels (i make up for it in mini bar purchases) and i think i’m getting close to owning the entire moleskine collection. but even so, i’m always interested to discover new cool paper stuff, especially when it comes with nice little touches such as stitchings and typography.

obviously when i saw these notebooks from SERAX, it was love at first sight. i’ve been using them non-stop since i got them, filling them up with notes for the book i’m writing (about blogging! i need to tell you more about that soon! see how excited i am by my excessive use of exclamation points!) and those card kits? they’re pretty genius, too. perfect for having around the house in case you need to send an impromptu thank you or birthday card. i love sending cards – don’t you?

photos by stephanie duval

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