Siesta Beach All To Myself

June 14, 2014 • Style

the other place in knokke i wanted you to tag along to, is SIESTA BEACH, which is also conveniently located right near FRANCIS FERENT, and even closer to GLACIER DE LA POSTE (best. ice cream. ever.) when i was there in may, the weather hadn’t really been that nice yet, and the beach chairs were yet to be taken out of their winter hibernation. there was a lot of wind, and not a soul to be seen on the beach. which made it kinda perfect when the sun decided to come out for a couple of minutes, and we had the entire beach club to ourselves. for a few minutes, it felt like i was on ibiza instead of in belgium.

confession – i actually like knokke a lot better when there aren’t that many people around. because what it lacks in size or international significance, it makes up for in ego and megalomania during summer. people drive their fancy cars around the block as many times as it takes for everyone to notice them, women wear more jewelry to the beach than sunscreen and in general there’s a lot of spotting people and wishing to be spotted by other people. the town even has a magazine for it, filled with people’s snapshots from gallery openings and cocktail hours on the beach.

before you think this post is a mere rant though, i also admit i love knokke, in spite of its snobbiness. it’s the place where i’ve spent many summers a a toddler, peddling paper flowers to other toddlers in exchange for sea shells. it’s also the place where i was first allowed to go out at night with my friends, when i was still a young and hugely insecure teenager. so many of my friends spent their summers there, and for a few weeks each year, it was like living in an alternate universe. it was home, but then again it wasn’t, and life was way more relaxed. so even if it’s just to relive these memories, i will always love knokke.

another advantage to hanging out on the beach before the summer season starts? wearing layers! THEORY sweater // MAJESTIC top // 7 FOR ALL MANKIND jeans // VANESSA BRUNO tote

photos by matthias rabaey // this post is in collaboration with FRANCIS FERENT, but all opinions are my own

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  1. Isabel says:

    Oooo ja helemaal gelijk!!! Ouders en zus wonen daar volgende keer date in Knokke! :)

  2. Je weet toch altijd iets leuks te creëren met die gifs:-) En wat Knokke betreft: Aanvankelijk kende ik alleen maar de clichés die je beschrijft, maar gaandeweg ben ik het gaan appreciëren als een heel fijne badplaats. En het Zwin is zo’n mooi stukje natuur!

    • Stephanie Duval says:

      die gifjes zijn de reden waarom ik die outfit posts zo graag doe :) en ik ben helemaal akkoord, het zwin rules!

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