i love gallery walls and i love art posters and photography. but my walls wouldn’t be so bare if it wasn’t so hard for me to choose a theme, pick out the different posters and commit to an actual gallery wall design. i did it once before in ELOISE’S ROOM – and admittedly the process of agonizing over what to do with that wall for years felt completely ridiculous once i had decided on those gorgeous photographs from DESENIO‘s STUDIO SERENITY COLLECTION. that said, it’s easier to settle on a theme, a mood and a feeling for a bedroom – i think. as for our living room, i realized we definitely needed to add some character and texture to the biggest blank wall behind our sofa, but for the longest time i had no idea how.

then i realized what was holding me back a little. i did want to add some art and photos, but i wanted it to feel more casual and more personal than an actual ‘gallery wall’. i wanted to create something that would leave me free to play around with, to add to and to take from, to switch up according to the seasons or our mood. so when i was browsing around desenio’s shop and stumbled upon these beautiful oak PICTURE LEDGERS, i knew i had found the perfect solution.

now i felt free to select the art that i like in this very moment, and to create a color scheme that is perfect for the upcoming colder, cozier seasons. i have committed to putting art and photos in our living room, but i am still free to change the composition however i like – even just from day to day. i also added a little personal detail to make the wall feel even more like a reflection of us and this phase in our life as a family – in a pretty MOEBE FRAME i gathered a few photo booth strips that we took in amsterdam over the summer. after shooting the photos for this blog post, i even added some more decor to the ledges (take a look at my INSTAGRAM stories to see more), next to the frames, and our entire seating area now feels ten times warmer and cozier than before.

if you feel inspired to create your own gallery wall right now – whether you’re going for the long-term commitment to an actual gallery wall or want to create a more playful nook of photos and art in your home – i’ve got good news for you! with the code DUVAL you get 25% off posters at DESENIO until midnight october 22. the code works on all international versions of the shop, but doesn’t apply to frames, customized and handpicked posters.

the posters and photos i picked for this autumnal collection in muted colors • new york fire escapematisse floral exhibitionweimar shapes no1painted arches no1

post in collaboration with DESENIO • thank you for supporting the partners of this blog

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