too early? it’s never too early to start planning your holiday gifts. and i feel like 2020 is the kind of year in which more thinking about cozy gatherings and thoughtful gift giving is exactly what we need! so starting today i’m going to be sharing some gift inspiration right here on the blog. to kick things off, the category is… DESIGN! but of course, where else would i start?

first of all, i’ve put together a little list of gifts that would make great surprises for this year’s host of the holiday festivities. it takes a lot of effort and energy to cook a nice meal, decorate the house to make guests feel welcome and entertain all night long. so why not surprise the host or hostess this year with something that lasts a little longer than that bottle of wine or bunch of flowers?

1 // this ferm living candle duo is a pretty and inexpensive little gift, but you could add a nice candle holder, too.
2 // the hay facade vase is such a gorgeous shade of burgundy – would be perfect to offer with some dried flowers or eucalyptus.
3 // these ferm living flow napkin rings add an instant sense of chic to any table setting.
4 // the moebe frame oak is a classic, and why not add a nice photo of a shared memory? that will set the tone for the evening right away!
5 // this kay bojesen pair of sparrows are such a sweet little decorative item. perfect if your hosts are a loveable and loving couple.
6 // this ferm living fein bottle opener is so beautiful it’s a decor piece in and of itself. but a practical one, so ideal for to the no-nonsense host who appreciates form and function.
7 // these menu bottle grinders exist in many different colors, so do some research and pick the ones that will match your hosts’ interior the best.
8 // ferm living fein salad servers will turn any regular salad into a gourmet-looking dish.

you can also never be too young to be introduced to beautiful design, can you? i love design gifts for kids because they teach them the value of quality and durability, but also because they simply look much, much better strewn around the children’s room, let alone the living room! FERM LIVING is without a doubt my favorite brand for kid-friendly design – from their wooden toys to rattan storage baskets, i love it all. the brand’s designer, TRINE ANDERSEN, is simply a genius. i’ve picked some of my favorites to feature in this guide, complemented by some true classics that will instill a love for design in your kids that will last them a lifetime.

1 // this vitra eames small elephant has been part of our decor for a few years now. so many pretty colors to choose from, there is bound to be the perfect shade for the kids’ room.
2 // the ferm living bear storage box is a classic design with its deep brown color and timeless round shape, but the little leather bear ears give it the kind of fun touch that makes it irresistible to kids to store their toys (we can only hope it will encourage them to tidy up!)
3 // these reusable sip straws from hay are so much fun – they can help make dinner time more playful and enjoyable.
4 // the small ferm living funkis doll house is a perfect home to small dolls or stuffed animals, but could also be used to store and display favorite toys.
5 // this ferm living toro tea set is pretty enough to leave lingering around the living room. heck, it’s so beautiful it might become part of your decor!
6 // this ferm living tufted wall hanging can also be used as a little cozy rug next to the bed to keep bare feet warm when they get out of bed!
7 // a cult design collector’s item or a fun toy to play with? this kay bojesen sedan automobile is both.
8 // the fritz hansen series 7 butterfly chair for kids is just as beautiful as the adult version, and available in different fun colors.

maybe it’s because we have spent so, so much time inside our homes, but home organisation has become somewhat of a global obsession lately. after marie kondo there was the netflix show about the home edit, and now all i can think about is boxes and ways to keep everything tidy inside and outside of our closets! in a way, i do think home organisation is the perfect gift – as it encourages the receiver to value what they already have, keep it within reach and treasure it. or, you know, it could also encourage your messy loved ones to clean up their act…

1 // these ferm living paper pulp boxes are poppin up in interiors everywhere, and i am definitely putting them on my own wish list. they’re the perfect size, easily stackable and right on trend in terms of color and texture.
2 // the hay tool box can help keep (kids’) art supplies together, and the handle makes it easy to set up a new creative workshop anywhere in your home.
3 // the muuto restore basket is a long-time favorite of mine to keep books and magazines organized in the living room. the felt texture and many different subdued colors blend perfectly next to the sofa.
4 // the hay color crate is another popular item, but in my opinion you can never have enough of them. they fold up when you don’t need them (but you always end up needing more of them than you think). they’re not expensive either, so they make really fun gifts.
5 // this ferm living small plant box is not just great for holding plants – it’s the perfect size for organizing cooking tools in the kitchen, cosmetics or towels in the bathroom or your favorite books next to your bed.
6 // keep invoices and other documents neatly sorted with this ferm living 2×2 organiser on your desk or in the hallway where the mail usually ends up lying around.
7 // the hay soft coat slim hangers are so beautiful – they’re the perfect background to your future rainbow color coordinated wardrobe!
8 // the ferm living herman magazine stand could also serve as a mail depository place in the hallway, but obviously it also looks great holding magazines in the living room.

if you need more inspiration, i’d suggest you browse the DESIGN GIFTS section of misterdesign, where i’ve found so many cool suggestions already.

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