i love our rental apartment – it’s where we welcomed our two girls into our lives, and where they have been growing and thriving for the past six (and three) years. but if there’s one thing i could change about it, it would be the walls. in switzerland there’s this habit of putting a textured plaster on the walls of apartments, especially rentals, because that’s supposed to be more maintenance friendly. it’s true that you don’t ‘see’ the imperfections as much, but in my opinion that’s because the whole damn wall is one big imperfection. it’s impossible to paint, and even more impossible to put pretty wallpaper over it – to my big regret.

but it doesn’t keep me from daydreaming about how i would decorate our dream home, if the walls were smooth and i could do whatever i wanted. so here’s a little inspiration for all those lucky parents out there who can go crazy with all the lovely and LUXURIOUS WALLPAPERS that are out there. the choice in prints and colors is just endless – and what you can do with them as well. one big statement wall behind your little’s bed? or plaster one print all over the room to create their own little universe? here are two ideas that i would have loved to implement (some day!)

the first is fauna & flora – a childhood favorite, but make it stylish. i’d say ‘no thanks’ to papering brightly colored animal prints all over the walls, but the selection of ANIMAL WALLPAPERS out there right now is simply beautiful. the perfect balance between the parents’ wish to create a classy home, and the kids’ need for something to tickle their imagination.

1 // this cole & son acquario wallpaper wouldn’t just be gorgeous in a kids’ room, i could also picture it as a statement wall in a hallway or the bathroom!
2 // the flamingos print would be perfect to inspire little ballet lovers.
3 // and for a baby nursery, this two birds wallpaper from arte would be so sweet.
4 // all of the katie scott designs for ferm living are my absolute favorite, but i especially love the birds and animals pictured above.

while the first moodboard is soft and delicate, i also love wallpaper for its ability to add a huge dose of drama to a room. if your vibe is more moody than sweet, make sure to browse wallpapers by color. over at COLOREDWALLS i looked through all the BLUE COLORED WALLPAPER to find the most moody and bold designs, for example.

1 // this woods & stars print would make the perfect magical forest backdrop to any kids’ room, don’t you think?
2 // the all’ombra dei cipressi print from arte was probably not conceived with a children’s room in mind, but i think it would look gorgeous there, and definitely speak to the imagination of little ones.
3 // the palm leaves design from cole & son adds a bit of adventure and mystery;
4 // while the moon print from ferm living will inspire future astronauts and scientists.
bonus // kek amsterdam has some truly gorgeous and bold designs that can really add an interesting vibe to a room. i love the royal blue flowers print for a touch of ‘hollands glorie’!

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