New Beginnings

January 16, 2023 • InspirationLife

it’s been a year and a half since i last opened my blog editor and started typing away. it’s been an interesting but extremely challenging time, both personally and professionally, and i just didn’t feel inspired or motivated to keep this place going. and to be honest – that feeling didn’t start after my previous blog post, it began much, much earlier. perhaps one day i’ll pour my thoughts and feelings about this season in my life into writing, but not today. today i just want to celebrate what is coming. if 2022 was the year in which i broke everything down to its core, 2023 will be the year in which i start building again.

and to be honest, i’ve frequently wondered if this space should be one of the parts that i keep around. i started blogging when i was 15, which will soon be 23 years ago. it’s always been a means for self-discovery, a platform for experimentation and – importantly – a way to connect to likeminded people. obviously the past couple of years all of these things haven’t been as present, but i would very much like to return to my roots on here.

as tempting as it is to make promises or to tell you all more about what i’m working on behind the scenes, i am not going to put any pressure on this project. already, just in thinking about what this place could be or mean, i’ve reconnected to very special people who never cease to inspire me. they’re helping me create this new beginning, and every morning i wake up i am giddy with excitement for what it could come to mean again in my life.

in the meantime, i would like to share a little piece of the inspiration board i’m putting together. for the new blog, sure, but also as a visual excercise in trying to figure out who i am – or at least what i care about and what my unique approach to these subjects could be. i’ve listed the sources of the photos down below if any of it really speaks to you. in which case i hope you’ll continue to follow along on this blog and this journey of mine!

from left to right 1 // picture by louise roe on instagram 2 // polaroid of hotel des academies et des arts taken by me 3 // paris fashion week street style 2019 taken by the style stalker 4 // street style image via pinterest (tried finding the original source but was unsuccessful – if this is your image, thanks for letting me know) 5 // vintage bergbom chrome floor lamp via the audo 6 // black-and-white photo of the facade of the ludlow hotel in new york 7 // selfie polaroid at hotel des academies et des arts taken by me

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