i’ve already mentioned how much i love ALPRO, right? they make delicious plant-based food, many of which are healthy and tasty alternatives to dairy products. i already showed you how i use their mild and creamy yoghurt alternative on A DAILY BASIS. today i’m happy to share two other recipes that i use alpro with, and that are perfect for summer if you ask me. the reason for sharing – other than this blog having become a bit of a place for breakfast worshipping – is that alpro is opening up a pop-up restaurant in ghent next week.

together with COEUR CATERING, alpro will host the alpronista sky box at rooftop restaurant M WITH A VIEW – a super special place that i haven’t been able to visit yet, so i’m very happy i will get the chance soon. from july 17 to august 16, every thursday and friday night you can book your #alpronista four-course dinner, and every saturday from 10am to 3pm you can enjoy a lovely brunch. reservations are taken via M-GENT.BE, but keep an eye on this blog, as i will be hosting a special private dinner on august 7 and will be giving away a duo ticket to one of my readers soon…

if in the meantime you want to get creative with some alpro products, may i suggest a coco-lime smoothie and a melon breakfast bowl? for the smoothie, put some COCONUT DRINK and ice in the blender, then just add honey and lime juice to suit your taste. super simple, and super refreshing. as for the breakfast bowl – i got that idea from the magnificent KINFOLK TABLE book. the idea is to cut the melon in half, remove the seeds and then use it as a bowl for your YOGHURT and GRANOLA. fun, no?

photos by stephanie duval

Jardin Bohemien

June 27, 2013 • Food and DrinkGhentTravel

jardin bohemien is one of those places where you end up spending more time than you had initially planned. you go in for a coffee, you decide to have lunch. you admire the interior, you end up wandering around the shop area, trying to decide whether you can justify just buying everything. you have another coffee to help you decide. and if you’re really hard core, you end up in their beautiful bed and breakfast upstairs. you might not make it out of there, like, ever. you’ve been warned.

photos by stephanie duval 


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