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Mcway Creek

October 11, 2012 • CaliforniaLos AngelesSan FranciscoTravel

driving from los angeles to san francisco via the pacific highway was a highlight of our trip back in the spring. we weren’t well-prepared, so we didn’t really know when and where to stop to take in the view, but at one of the viewpoints a lovely couple told us to turn back for mcway creek in big sur. and boy are we glad we did – or we would have missed the pristine little beach with waterfall on one side of the cliff, and the whale sightings on the other. if there is one place i want to return for further exploring, it’s undeniably big sur.

photos by stephanie duval


October 8, 2012 • CaliforniaFood and DrinkLos AngelesTravel

without a doubt my favorite restaurant experience in los angeles was umamicatessen. the downtown location of the infamous umami burger chain hits all my buttons: industrial interior, relaxed atmosphere (not too buzzy, even though the place was still pretty new and buzzworthy when we went), only gourmet burgers on the menu and the best. side dishes. ever. sweet potato fries, pork popcorn, truffle salad – we went all out and ordered everything we felt like tasting. if you’re going, definitely try the local ham as an appetizer. pig lovers as we are, this place blew our minds.

photos by stephanie duval


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