March 9, 2014 • LyonTravel

when we went to LYON last year we stayed at MAMA SHELTER – a quirky hotel near the city center, designed by philippe starck. but on our way home we took a little detour to go visit L’ERMITAGE, which is about a 30 minute drive away from lyon. we took a tour of the place and absolutely loved everything we saw. if we’re ever going back to lyon during summer, for sure this place is where i will want to stay.

the rooms are cozy and look cool, but not as cool as the retro lobby – which is just the best. there’s also a small swimming pool for guests, a large terrace outside of the restaurant and plenty of comfortable chairs to enjoy the sunshine and the formidable view on lyon. there’s even a jeu de boules area, if you really want to get your french on. apparently the restaurant should be really good, but we didn’t stick around to test that theory. let me know if you do!

photos by stephanie duval 


March 3, 2014 • LyonTravel

i went digging through my archives this weekend – unsuccessfully trying to locate some photos that have gone missing from my last trip to copenhagen (hate when that happens!) – and i came across a few snapshots from lyon that i haven’t shared on here yet. i even have photos of three more cool places in lyon that haven’t made it onto the blog yet, so i’ll be sharing those soon.

looking through old photos is the best, don’t you think? it makes you relive all those experiences, and it’s funny how you always seem to forget so much, or remember things differently. we’re always telling friends how lyon is so tiny and doesn’t have much to do, but then i look through our pictures and i see all the cute shops, coffee places and restaurants, and i kinda want to go there again.

if you’re planning to go this year – make sure you go in the spring to see all of the beautiful flowers in full bloom. i already told you about the mama shelter hotel in the city center, but there’s another great hotel tip coming up!

photos by stephanie duval


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