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June 7, 2012 • CaliforniaFood and DrinkPalm SpringsTravel

during our stay in palm springs, i had a visit to the parker high on my wishlist. a hotel from the meridien group, it was distinctly more chic and glamorous than our shabby chic ace hotel, but it definitely had its own, quirky personality. we had lunch at one of their restaurants, norma’s, and while the food didn’t exactly steal our hearts, we loved the colorful mood of the patio.

i can understand how some people would prefer this hotel over the casual cool of the ace, but we would only come back here to sip cocktails and spot the fancy crowds on the weekend (and get inspired to turn our own little patio in something like this – seriously, how amazing are those colors? and i always love those bertoia chairs)

photos by stephanie duval

Palm Springs Forever

June 5, 2012 • CaliforniaLifePalm SpringsTravel

on our road trip from las vegas to palm springs we had so much fun cruising in our over-the-top mustang, blasting loud music through the speakers and basically feeling like we were in a movie while we traversed the mojave desert.

it was a perfect day and i remember thinking that i had never been that happy while i took that last picture shortly after our arrival at the ace hotel. little did i know that about ten minutes later, with the sun slowly starting to set behind the mountains, my then-boyfriend was about to make the day even more perfect and memorable by quietly proposing to me.

he honestly couldn’t have chosen a better setting or moment to ask me that question, and so palm springs – and the ace hotel – will always be very special to us as the place where we got engaged.

photos by stephanie duval


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