Mary Celeste

September 19, 2013 • Food and DrinkParisTravel

this place came highly recommended by someone who knows her way around paris, so i didn’t hesitate to put it on our itinerary. however – meh.

the reason why i’m posting the snapshots that i took anyway, is because i’m convinced the staff at mary celeste must have been having an off day when we came by. or maybe we were too early (around opening time is never a good time). or maybe we should have gone for brunch instead of apéro. or maybe the mood was killed by our disappointment of not finding oysters there, which we were so looking forward to (we conveniently forgot it’s not oyster season in august).

anyhow, mary celeste – we’ll be back. everyone deserves a second chance – especially when they look as good as you do.

photos by stephanie duval


September 11, 2013 • ParisStyleTravel

ah, the red fiat 500. the themed entry hallway. the library café. the beautiful new collections of the world’s coolest brands. the aesop corner. the home department that sucks you in for hours on end. the dozens of last-minute unnecessary impulse buys on your way to the cash register.

this must be merci.

photos by stephanie duval


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